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This is a page where Fedora representatives or volunteers from various Linux User Groups can provide information about themselves.

Fedora as a community project needs your participation in improving and evangelizing it. We intend to use the following information to contact you regarding several projects. See the Join page for details. It could also be useful in organising Fedora conferences in your area or arranging speakers for your LUG's events. If you are interested in that please see Marketing . Note that correspondence will usually be light. We will not sell your information, but this page is open to the public.

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If you are not sure about your country region, please refer to UN's Geographical Region
If possible, please type as following format: ex) CountryName / State / City or Region - [UserGroupURL UserGroupName] / YourName
If you have any questions or suggestions on this Wiki page, please contact ThomasChung


Eastern Africa

  • ..

Middle Africa

  • ..

Northern Africa

  • ..

Egypt - eglug / HamadaZahera

Southern Africa

  • ..

Western Africa

  • ..



  • Dominica - Dalug / TrevorChristian

Central America

South America

Northern America[1]


Central Asia

Eastern Asia

Southern Asia

South-Eastern Asia

Western Asia


Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

  • ..

Southern Europe

  • ..

Western Europe


Australia and New Zealand


  • ..


  • ..


  • ..

[1] Please note this is Northern America not North America. The continent of North America (003) comprises Northern America (021), Caribbean (029), and Central America (013). See UN M49 Definition

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