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Fedora's purposes for attending this show, in order of importance:

  • Meet people from other prominent projects and look for collaborative opportunities
  • Represent the Fedora Project to newcomers at the booth


  • Location:
  • Flight:
  • Hotel:
  • Mass trans:


  • Expo floor is August 05, 06, and 07 2008
    • Tue 05 Aug 10 am to 5 pm
    • Wed 06 Aug 10 am to 5 pm
    • Thu 07 Aug 10 am to 4 pm
  • Setup/booth duty schedule below


  • Fedora Booth in .Org Pavilion on Floor
  • Fedora BoF (schedule unknown yet) ???


En route ???

  • 20 Fedora tshirts (L)
  • 20 Fedora tshirts (XL)
  • 10 Fedora tshirts (M)
  • 400 Fedora 9 Live CDs
  • 400 Fedora 9 DVDs
  • 15--shirts
  • 30--stickers
  • 7--2G USB keys
  • 6--pens
  • Two (very heavy) boxes containing media from Max.

ISVs, providers, and projects we want to chat with about getting in to Fedora


(T) indicates a Traveller to the event; (L) indicates a Local.

  • JackAboutboul (T)
  • KarstenWade (L)


Booth Schedule and Setup

We need volunteers to man the following schedule. If everyone takes a 2-hour session once a day, we should have more than enough booth coverage.

  • Setup, Tuesday 8am: Karsten; (name2)
  • Tue. 10am-noon: (name1); (name2)
  • Tue. noon-2pm: (name1); (name2)
  • Tue. 2pm-4:30pm: (name1); (name2)
  • Wed. 10am-noon: (name1); (name2)
  • Wed. noon-2pm: (name1); (name2)
  • Thu. 2pm-5pm: (name1); (name2)
  • Thu. 10am-noon: (name1); (name2)
  • Thu. noon-2pm: (name1); (name2)
  • Thu. 2pm-5pm: (name1); (name2)
  • Teardown, Thursday 5pm: EVERYBODY :)

Booth Duties

  • Hand out what schwag we have on hand.
  • Hand out collateral: WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN FEDORA (need to create)
  • Install on USB keys for those who are interested
    • who is providing machine to do installs?
  • Walk new contributors through signup process.
    • Is internet access available on the floor? Last year you had to pay for it


  • Keep track of budget below (Jack)
  • Write and design collateral (Jack)
  • Come up with the detailed list of everything we need to have for setup (Jack)
    • Marketing slicks
    • Posters
    • Booth banner
    • USB station
  • Get details on BoF (Jack)
  • Figure out final schwag requirements (Jack)
  • Figure out advertising strategy (Jack)