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== Booth Personal ==
== Booth Personal ==
* [[User:Gnokii|Sirko Kemter (gnokii)]]event owner
* [[User:Gnokii|Sirko Kemter (gnokii)]] event owner
* [[User:raphgro|Raphael Groner]] (raphgro / k0Do) - maybe/hopefully as a speaker, too
* [[User:raphgro|Raphael Groner]] (raphgro / k0Do) - maybe/hopefully as a speaker, too
* [[User:Churchyard | Miro Hrončok]] - can join 2nd
* [[User:Churchyard | Miro Hrončok]] - can join 2nd

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FedoraEvents Header EventN1.png

Fedora Events: Linuxwochen Wien 2013, Vienna, Austria

The Linuxwochen Wien are an Event with a broad Scope at Users, Beginners, Developers, Administrators, Companies, and Government. It features Talks, Presentations and Workshops, and a trade-show as well.

When and Where

  • 02.-04. May 2013
  • Event timing has been cleared, gates are opening at 9 AM.
  • The event place is:

FH Technikum Wien Hoechstaedtplatz 5 1200 Wien

  • Vienna
  • Location in OpenStreetmap
  • It is confirmed that it's very expensive and difficult to park down in the inner town of Vienna, from 8-22 h there is a so called "short time parking zone" with fees. We could have some slots possibly for free at hotel/event side.

Booth Personal


What we will get/will have:

  • Space
  • 2 meter table (longer available, or we get one more)
    • we get 2 of them, I arranged that because I will bring the table cloth (gnokii)
  • 2 chairs (if we need more we could have it)
  • Wireless or better wired Internet Access and electricity
  • Fully equipped talk rooms (Micro-port, projector, and so on)
  • Catering: Not included, but there is available to purchase anything in shop - water, and the more important coffee :)

Available event Swag/Tools/Equipment

  • Table cloth, rollup banner (gnokii)
  • 3D Printer (miro)



Speaker Topic Status
Your name Your talk Checkmark.png=accepted, Warning.png=rejected
Sirko Kemter Blender On The Rocks (workshop) Questionmark.png
Sirko Kemter Inkscape - Sexy Jeans (workshop) Questionmark.png
Sirko Kemter Inkscape - Bunt ist die Welt (workshop) Questionmark.png
Sirko Kemter Tupi – wie die Indios laufen lernen Questionmark.png
Sirko Kemter Free your slides Questionmark.png
Raphael Groner VoiceXML Test-Framework Questionmark.png

  • LinuxWochen Official logo [1]





  • ...