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Usage is documented in livecd-iso-to-disk.pod, in;a=tree;f=docs;hb=HEAD, which was copied here for easy revision and review on 05 April 2010. The revision history of this page shows the proposed changes to this file.



=head1 NAME

livecd-iso-to-disk - installs bootable CD images on a USB storage devices.


B<livecd-iso-to-disk> [--format] [--reset-mbr] [--noverify] [--efi] [--overlay-size-mb <size>] [\-\-home\-size\-mb <size>] [\-\-unencrypted\-home] [\-\-skipcopy] <path-to-iso> <usb storage device>


B<livecd-iso-to-disk> installs a live CD or DVD image(ISO image) onto a USB storage device. The USB storage device can then boot the installed operating system on systems which support booting via USB. B<livecd-iso-to-disk> requires an ISO image and a USB storage device. ISO images can be created with B<livecd-creator>.

B<livecd-iso-to-disk> is not a destructive process; any data you currently have on your USB stick is preserved.

=head1 OPTIONS

=over 4

=item --format

Formats the USB stick and creates an MS-DOS partition table (or GPT partition table if --efi is passed).

=item --reset-mbr

Sets the Master Boot Record(MBR) of the USB storage device to the mbr.bin file from the image's syslinux directory.

=item --noverify

Disables the image validation process which occurs before the image is installed. When this option is enabled the image is not verified before installation on the USB storage device.

=item --overlay-size-mb

This option sets the overlay size in megabytes. The overlay is additional storage available to the live operating system if the operating system supports it. The USB storage device must have enough free space for the image and the overlay.

=item --home-size-mb

Sets the home directory size in megabytes.

=item --unencrypted-home

Disables the encryption of the home directory.

=item --skipcopy

Skips the copy of the live image to the USB stick.

=item --efi

Create a GPT partition table when --format is passed, and install an hybrid EFI/MBR bootloader on the disk. This is necessary for most Intel Macs.



David Zeuthen, Jeremy Katz, Douglas McClendon, Chris Curran and other contributors. See the AUTHORS file in the source distribution for the complete list of credits.

=head1 BUGS

Report bugs to the mailing list C<> or directly to Bugzilla C<> against the C<Fedora> product, and the C<lived-tools> component.


Copyright (C) Fedora Project 2008,2009, and various contributors. This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License C<>. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

=head1 SEE ALSO

C<livecd-creator(1)>, project website C<>