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'Fedora' and the Fedora logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. In order to protect and grow the Fedora brand, we have a distinguishable logo that can be used to mark genuine Fedora resources and approved third-party content. There are guidelines for the logo's appearance and usage, outlined here.

Logo use is restricted
The Fedora logo is a registered trademark used worldwide by Red Hat, Inc. on behalf of the Fedora Project. There are restrictions around its use, set out in the trademark guidelines page.

Logo fedoralogo.png

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Fedora logo usage guidelines?

Please see the Usage Guidelines or download the PDF version: Graphic Standards Manual (270 KiB PDF)

Can I use this logo?

Questions regarding the logo, including requests for usage permission, can be directed to:

  • Please note that this logo queue is maintained by a human being :), and that it may take some time to get a response (sometimes a week or two).
  • If the request is time-sensitive please indicate this and make sure you provide enough information and allow for enough time to receive the logo.
  • If the request is truly urgent, please indicate this with an [URGENT] in the subject line, but please do not abuse this.
  • To ensure your request goes through as quickly and as smoothly as possible, please indicate what you intend to use the logo for in your request.

Can I use this logo to brand goods and sell them for profit?

Please see the Fedora Trademark Guidelines section on non-software goods. In short, you will need explicit permission from the Fedora Board to sell non-software Fedora goods for profit.

Can I get this logo in other sizes or formats?

Scalable vector versions of the logo can be obtained by sending a request to:

The following versions are available:

  • Fedora Logo Full - The full text + "infinity" logo
  • Fedora Logo Infinity - The "infinity" logo, no text
  • Fedora Logotype - The logo text without the "infinity" logo

Where does this design come from?

Refer to:

What font is used in the logotype?

The font in the logotype is Bryant2. This font is not a free font, but it was chosen because it best complements the logo design. The license for use of this font in the official logo is paid, so the logo can be used wherever the trademark and usage guidelines allow without further cost. There is no need to buy this font to produce artwork for Fedora, since the logo itself should never be modified. For more information refer to this message on fedora-art-list:

What about the red or blue hats?

The hats you might have seen elsewhere were not Fedora logos. You might have seen the red hat that was passed down from Fedora's Red Hat Linux lineage. Other hats have been community creations and never had any official connection to Fedora. Use our logo and avoid using hats to represent Fedora since we want Fedora to have its own independent brand.

Where can I find more Fedora artwork?

Additional Fedora artwork is produced by the Fedora Artwork team.


The following is the logo for FUDCon:

Logo fudcon-logo.png

The fonts used to create this logo are free fonts included in Fedora itself. They are MgOpen Modata Regular and MgOpen Modata bold. Inkscape SVG source artwork is available for this logo; you may email to obtain a copy after accepting the usage agreement.