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yum install mgopen-modata-fonts
yum install mgopen-modata-fonts
For more information about the MgOpen Modata font, please see [] .
For more information about the MgOpen Modata font, please see [].

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The Fedora Logo: Usage Guidelines

'Fedora' and the Fedora logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. In order to protect and grow the Fedora brand, we have a distinguishable logo that can be used to mark genuine Fedora resources and approved third-party content. There are guidelines for the logo's appearance and usage, outlined here.

Logo Usage

Logo UsageGuidelines full-logo.png

The Logotype

Logo UsageGuidelines logotype.png

The Symbol

Logo UsageGuidelines logomark.png

Logo UsageGuidelines vert-logo.png

Reversing Logotype Color to White

When the logo is used on a background that is darker than 50% grey, you should reverse the type to white for legibility:

Logo UsageGuidelines logodarkbg.png

In greyscale reproduction, use the black and white version on the logo:

For Use on Light Backgrounds

Logo UsageGuidelines logobw.png

For Use on Dark Backgrounds

For dark backgrounds in a greyscale printing situation, we recommend the Black & White logo guidelines below.

Sometimes, often due to production costs, only one color of ink is available and so the Fedora logo must be reproduced using only one color. In this scenario, the logotype must be used alone without the logo mark, in a light color type on a dark background or in a dark color type on a light background. The logotype must be clearly distinguishable from the background color. You must honor the Fedora logo palette when possible, using black or white if necessary.

Some examples follow, below:

Logo UsageGuidelines logobw onecolor.png

Trademark Symbol

The 'TM' trademark symbol must always be visible and readable for both the Fedora logomark (infinity symbol) and the Fedora logotype ('fedora' text) in the placements shown in these guidelines. You may not remove or obfuscate either of the TM symbols in the Fedora logo.

Clear Space

Logo Clear Space

Logo UsageGuidelines logoclearspace.png

Logotype Clear Space

Logo UsageGuidelines logotypeclearspace.png

Symbol Clear Space

Logo UsageGuidelines symbolclearspace.png


Complementary Font

We recommend using the MgOpen Modata fonts as complementary fonts to the Fedora logotype. Both the MgOpen Modata Bold and MgOpen Modata Regular fonts are fine to use.

MgOpen Modata is part of Fedora. To install this font (and the other MgOpen fonts):

yum install mgopen-modata-fonts

For more information about the MgOpen Modata font, please see [1].

Logo UsageGuidelines mgopen-regular-preview.png

Logo UsageGuidelines mgopen-bold-preview.png

Color Palette

Dark Blue

Pantone ® 541
CMYK: 100, 57, 0, 38
RGB: 41, 65, 114
HEX: #294172

Logo UsageGuidelines logodarkblue-swatch.png


Pantone ® 2935
CMYK: 100, 46, 0, 0
RGB: 60, 110, 180
HEX: #3C6EB4

Logo UsageGuidelines logoblue-swatch.png

Bad Logo Usage

Never Switch the Colors

Logo UsageGuidelines logocolorswitch.png

Never Use the Logo on Similarly-Colored Backgrounds

Never use the logo on similarly-colored backgrounds, unless the color is Pantone ® 2935 and the logotype is white.

Logo UsageGuidelines logobgcolor.png

Logo UsageGuidelines logorearrange.png

Never Stray from the Color Palette

Logo UsageGuidelines logobadpalette.png

Logo UsageGuidelines logodistort.png