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Please refer to the official logo guidelines . These are a draft of a new version including some as-of-yet unapproved additions.

The Fedora Logo: Usage Guidelines
'Fedora' and the Fedora logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. In order to protect and grow the Fedora brand, we have a distinguishable logo that can be used to mark genuine Fedora resources and approved third-party content. There are guidelines for the logo's appearance and usage, outlined here.
File:WikiGraphics Fedora Design.png
Table of Contents

Logo Usage

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 full-logo.png

The Logotype

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logotype.png

The Symbol

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logomark.png

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 vert-logo.png

Reversing Logotype Color to White

When the logo is used on a background that is darker than 50% grey, you should reverse the type to white for legibility:

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logodarkbg.png

In black and white reproduction, use the black and white version on the logo:

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logobw.png

Clear Space

Logo Clear Space

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logoclearspace.png

Logotype Clear Space

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logotypeclearspace.png

Symbol Clear Space

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 symbolclearspace.png

Bad Logo Usage

Never Switch the Colors

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logocolorswitch.png

Never Use the Logo on Similarly-Colored Backgrounds

Never use the logo on similarly-colored backgrounds, unless the color is Pantone ® 2935 and the logotype is white.

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logobgcolor.png

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logorearrange.png

Never Stray from the Color Palette

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logobadpalette.png

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logodistort.png


Complementary Font

We've chosen the U001 fonts from the freely-distributable URW collection. For more information on these fonts, visit:

This font is *not* the font used in the Fedora logotype, rather it's meant to be used for any type associated with the logo.

You can download the URW collection here:

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logofonts.png

Color Palette

Dark Blue

Pantone ® 541
CMYK: 100, 57, 0, 38
RGB: 41, 65, 114
HEX: #294172

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logodarkblue-swatch.png


Pantone ® 2935
CMYK: 100, 46, 0, 0
RGB: 60, 110, 180
HEX: #3C6EB4

File:Logo UsageGuidelines2 logoblue-swatch.png