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== Join the Magazine Team ==
== Join the Magazine Team ==
We really need your help on the Magazine.[[FWN/Join| Join now]].
We really need your help on the Magazine.[[FWN/Join| Join now]]. There are also [[Magazine/Howtopost|a detailed guide on how to make a post on the magazine]]


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Fedora Magazine

What is the Fedora Magazine

Fedora Magazine has become the replacement for the Fedora Weekly news. Fedora Magazine is a WordPress-based site, that delivers all the news of the Fedora Community.

What is the content of the Magazine

The content on the Fedora Magazine varies. All the general and development announcements regarding Fedora are published, meaning that all the news that happens within the Fedora community are available to be seen. Also many events are published on the Magazine's event calendar, especially major Fedora events, while most of them are published on the magazine as well. Event reports also exist on the Magazine, as well as meeting minutes from all Fedora's sub-projects are published in a special section of the Magazine.

Join the Magazine Team

We really need your help on the Magazine. Join now. There are also a detailed guide on how to make a post on the magazine

Magazine Contributors

If you are joining the magazine as a new member, add yourself as a potential contributor and move yourself to be an active contributor after you have a proven track record of magazine contribution.

Active Contributors

Potential Contributors

Editorial Calendar

10th Anniversary Content

Month Topic Draft Deadline Publication Deadline Author Editor Notes
September FPL Retrospective 13 September 2013 22 September 2013 jzb ? (Should we publish on the anniversary, or the day before?) -- We can also reuse this video and be halfway there:
October History of Fedora 14 October 2013 22 October 2013 Robyn Bergeron + Chris Roberts jzb Could probably start off with a bulletpoint-style outline of history just to get a sense of things that have happened. Releases/HistoricalSchedules is probably a good place to pull major dates from and form an outline.
November 10 Firsts for Fedora 13 November 2013 22 November 2013 ? jzb (Volunteers?) Would be good to look at some of the technologies that Fedora has pioneered. Especially things that have been widely adopted in other projects.
December Visual History of Fedora 10 December 20 December 2013 ? jzb I moved this up a bit to compensate for Christmas holiday. Picturing a slideshow or something that shows how the desktop, installer, etc. have matured over the years. Should include GNOME, KDE, Xfce, etc.
January Fedora Around the World 13 January 2014 23 January 2014 ? jzb Possible angle: Fedora's translation and ambassador communities around the world?
February Let's Get Small (with Fedora) 13 February 2014 23 February 2014 suehle jzb Perhaps something about Fedora's history with ARM and other embedded/non-x86 archs? Thinking especially Raspberry pi.