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Schedule: See Marketing team calendar


The goal of this meeting is to set and execute a publishing schedule of appropriate material for the Fedora Magazine.


Not set in stone
This is still a work in progress and input is gratefully accepted! We are trying to achieve an agenda we can follow each meeting, so any editor can chair if needed.

Typically we practice the same agenda each meeting:

  1. Retrospective of last week's publishing and stats
    • Ensure all posts were echoed to social media
    • If any pending, reviewed stories are not published, schedule and assign social media duty
  2. Pitch votes (starting with oldest)
    • GOAL: Determine whether pitch is appropriate for a story, and if so, move to Draft status and set publication date
    • Include pitches in feedback
    • If not, either:
      • Trash pitch, and assign someone to respond to author to thank them
      • Assign someone to work with author to refine story idea
  3. Drafts not finished (starting with oldest)
    • GOAL: Determine if draft is ready for final review, and if so, move to Pending Review status
    • If not:
      • If author is still working, editor is responsible for ensuring completion
      • If author is MIA for 2nd week, drop back to Pitch and rearrange publication schedule
    • Assign for review and set to Pending Review status
    • Review/set publication date and add to schedule
  4. Pending Review (starting with oldest)
    • Confirm editor deadline
    • Review/set publication date and confirm schedule


The following types of articles generally can route around the weekly meetings. This helps us get critical information out to the audience without waiting for the next board meeting.

Security updates
Critical security updates that affect a broad user audience are pre-authorized. Generally an editor will write the update article. If possible, one other editor does a quick spot check. If that would affect the timing, however, the posting editor simply publishes the article and notifies the magazine list. An example is a Firefox security issue.