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(Added myself a potential contributor, let me know if I made an error, -Glen)
(→‎Potential Contributors: I added my name. I would start contributing from now on.)
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* [[User:tforsman | Tomas Forsman]]
* [[User:tforsman | Tomas Forsman]]
* [[User:grundblom | Glen Rundblom]]
* [[User:grundblom | Glen Rundblom]]
* [[User:sagarhani | Sagar Hani]]
== Magazine Mentors ==
== Magazine Mentors ==

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Magazine Contributors

If you are joining the magazine as a new member, add yourself as a potential contributor and move yourself to be an active contributor after you have a proven track record of magazine contribution.

Active Contributors

Potential Contributors

Magazine Mentors

Looking to get help writing an article or did something break while trying to make a post. These members below are able to help get off the ground and writing in no time.

  • Chris Roberts I wear many Fedora hats and I can answer most questions that you may have.