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This is just a draft right now, please don't treat anything on it as finished or complete


Currently most mailing lists managed by the Fedora project are using the standard and venerable mailman2 software. Recently the mailman project has (finally!) released the long under development next generation version of mailman, mailman3. The Fedora project is going to move all its mailing list instances to this new and improved version. This page contains background and things you may need to know or adjust about the new mailman3 setup.

What are all these parts?

Mailman3 is built in a modular way with several subprojects providing smaller parts of the entire setup.

  • mailman - The entire project
  • Postorius - The admin interface/application. This is where you login and change your list options or subscriptions or moderate or manage lists if you have been given that power.
  • Hyperkitty - The archiver/web interface. Hyperkitty is not only a archive of posts, but also allows you to post from the web, rate posts any many other features.

Logins and passwords

The old mailman setup used per list or per site passwords for users to login and manage settings. Mailman3 has actual logins using Fedora's persona/openid server. No passwords are needed/sent to users in the clear monthly or otherwise. You can login and manage your settings right away.


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Reporting problems or issues

If you find a problem or issue, please file a fedora infrastructure ticket and we will work to fix things for your case or bug.