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Status of the migration to Mailman 3

Please read Mailman3 Migration if you haven't done so already.

Migration of most of the Fedora lists to Mailman 3 and HyperKitty will start on November 16th 2015. The process will start with the lists on, and follow with those on

This page is a list-by-list summary of the migration status.

Already migrated

  • 389-commits
  • arm-builds
  • design-team
  • docs-commits
  • fonts-bugs
  • i18n-bugs
  • infrastructure
  • java-sig-commits
  • s390-builds
  • scm-commits

Blocked because of missing features

There are two missing features, topics and filtering. The lists using filtering will be migrated later, but sooner than the lists using topics. Filtering currently works in Mailman3, the only missing piece is the UI to edit the filters.

  • lvm2-commits @fedorahosted (uses filtering)
  • revista-fedora-latam @fedorahosted (uses topics)
  • rhq-commits @fedorahosted (uses filtering)
  • spacewalk-commits @fedorahosted (uses filtering)
  • astronomy (uses topics)
  • chinese (uses filtering)
  • devel (uses filtering)
  • famsco (uses filtering)
  • freemedia-trac (uses filtering)
  • i18n (uses filtering)
  • i18n-bugs (uses filtering)
  • india (uses filtering)
  • india-operations (uses topics)
  • java-devel (uses filtering)
  • marketing (uses filtering)
  • package-announce (uses topics)
  • package-review (uses filtering)
  • summer-coding-discuss (uses filtering)
  • trans-ru (uses filtering)
  • users (uses filtering)

Note: devel, famsco and users mainly use filtering to keep on hold replies to certain topics. It's mostly flamewar filtering actually.

Waiting for migration

(all the rest, list to come)