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Provides mailing list services for Fedora Hosted projects (hosted1) or the Fedora Project (collab1).
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== Contact Information ==
Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team
Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-main, sysadmin-tools, sysadmin-hosted group
Location: ?
Servers: hosted1, collab1
Purpose: Provides mailing list services.
== Description ==
Mailing list services for Fedora Hosted projects are located on the server.  Fedora Project mailing lists are on collab1.
== Common Tasks ==
=== Creating a new mailing list ===
1. Log into hosted1 or collab1
1. sudo /usr/local/bin/fedora-mailing-list-setup
[you@hosted1 ~] $ sudo /usr/local/bin/fedora-mailing-list-setup
Project name: project
List name: project-devel
Admin username: username # This is the admin user for the list.
FAS Username: yourfasusername # This is the admin adding the lists username
FAS Password:                                # This is the fas password for the admin user adding the list.
[you@hosted1 ~] $
Note that list names should make sense, and not contain the words 'fedora' or 'list' - the fact that it has to do with Fedora and that it's a list are both obvious from the domain of the email address.
== Troubleshooting and Resolution ==
== List Administration ==
The mailman site password for hosted1 or collab1 can be found it /root/mm_sitepass
sudo cat /root/mm_sitepass
The site password can be used to reset lists admin passwords if required.
Note: If you change the site password, please update this file.
== ML password reset ==
When a user has requested their mailman password be reset go to the mailing list admin interface at:<MailingListName>
Use the site-admin password (see above) to log in, set the password to something.  Then email the list admin the new password as well as asking them to change it.
=== Restart Procedure ===
If the server needs to be restarted mailman should come back on it's own.  Otherwise each service on it can be restarted:
sudo service mailman restart
sudo service postfix restart
=== How to delete a mailing list ===
Delete a list, but keep the archives
sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist <listname>
Delete a list and its archives
sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist -a <listname>
== Mailman migration ==
This is a place where instructions for migrating lists from to lists.fp.o will be kept.
Things required from Red Hat:
* The list config (whatever the equivalent of /var/lib/mailman/lists/<listname> is)
* The list archives, in mbox form (/var/lib/mailman/archives/private/<listname>.mbox)
Put these items into their respective places on collab1.
If required at this point, change the list name as follows:
* Rename the archive and list directories to the new names
* Create a file called <newlist-name>.config and put the following in it:
real_name = '<new list name>'
* Don't do anything with that file until the next step :)
For all lists, do the following:
* In the <newlist-name>.config file created earlier, add the following line (create the file if you didn't need to rename the list):
acceptable_aliases = [ '' ]
* Verify the sanity of your new configuration via '/usr/lib/mailman/bin/config_list -i <new-list-name>.config -c <new-list-name>
* If that checks out, eliminate the -c from the previous command in order to make your changes.
* generate aliases for the new list /usr/lib/mailman/bin/genaliases
* change the url for the list /usr/lib/mailman/bin/withlist -l -r fix_url <new-list-name> -u
* Rebuild the archives using '/usr/lib/mailman/bin/arch --wipe <new-list-name>'
=== Additional steps ===
* rebuilding the archives means all links to the historical mailing lists posts will be broken.  Can we get Red Hat to add http redirects from<old-list-name> to the<new-list-name> ?
* we'll need Red Hat to set up forwarding aliases for <old-list-name> to <new-list-name>
* fix the names of list that do not make any sense (e.g. feodra-extras-steering) in the current environment. relevant
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All SOPs have been moved to the Fedora Infrastructure SOP git repository. Please consult the online documentation for the current version of this document.