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Provides mailing list services for Fedora Hosted projects (hosted1) or the Fedora Project (collab1).

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-main, sysadmin-tools, sysadmin-hosted group

Location: ?

Servers: hosted1, collab1

Purpose: Provides mailing list services.


Mailing list services for Fedora Hosted projects are located on the server. Fedora Project mailing lists are on collab1.

Common Tasks

Creating a new mailing list

1. Log into hosted1 or collab1 1. sudo /usr/local/bin/fedora-mailing-list-setup

[you@hosted1 ~] $ sudo /usr/local/bin/fedora-mailing-list-setup
Project name: project
List name: project-devel 
Admin username: username # This is the admin user for the list.
FAS Username: yourfasusername # This is the admin adding the lists username
FAS Password:                                 # This is the fas password for the admin user adding the list.
[you@hosted1 ~] $

Troubleshooting and Resolution

List Administration

The mailman site password for hosted1 can be found it /root/mm_sitepass

sudo cat /root/mm_sitepass

The site password can be used to reset lists admin passwords if required. Note: If you change the site password, please update this file.

ML password reset

When a user has requested their mailman password be reset go to the mailing list admin interface at:<MailingListName>

Use the site-admin password (see above) to log in, set the password to something. Then email the list admin the new password as well as asking them to change it.

Restart Procedure

If the server needs to be restarted mailman should come back on it's own. Otherwise each service on it can be restarted:

sudo service mailman restart
sudo service postfix restart

How to delete a mailing list

Delete a list, but keep the archives

sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist <listname>

Delete a list and its archives

sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist -a <listname>