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= Máirín Duffy =
===== Contact Info =====
'''Email:''' duffy at fedoraproject dot org
'''IRC: mizmo''' (gimpnet and freenode usually)
'''Location:''' Boston, MA USA (Eastern Time Zone)
'''Homepage:''' []
'''Blog:''' []
'''GNOME Wiki page:''' []
===== About Mo =====
Just call her Mo, because her first name looks hard to pronounce (FYI: "'''mo'''-'''reen'''"). She is a senior interaction designer with '''Red Hat, Inc.''' who comes from a varied background - computer science, human computer interaction, visual design, and communication. Vices include '''Battlestar Galactica''', '''Final Fantasy''', '''Hello Kitty''', and '''Inkscape'''. (Note: WarrenTogami is resposible for the first two, and he feeds the third. Hmm!) She can be observed in the wild in the vicinity of [[RayStrode|  this guy, Ray, her long-term boyfriend]] , most likely in the '''Greater Boston Area'''.
She and WarrenTogami started [ fedora-art-list]  in April 2006, and she is the team lead of the [[Artwork|  Fedora art team]] . Development-wise, Mo's contributed '''interaction design''' to a number of applications that are part of Fedora, such as virt-manager.
She's also involved in the '''[ GNOME Project] ''', where she have co-founded the [ GNOME Women]  group with Hanna Wallach. Mo's mainly involved with the [ GNOME Marketing Team]  where she's been working on the ''' site redesign''' and developed the '''GNOME Brand Book'''. She also occasionally works on bug triaging and minor bug fixes for GNOME but it's been a while.
Mo is interested in mentoring anyone who would like help with interaction design / usability, visual design (icons, themes, etc.), marketing/branding issues, and bug triaging/fixing. She's also especially interested in mentoring other women. If you have hints or tips on beating the boss on level 80 of Via Infinito in FF-X2, her inbox is '''ALWAYS''' open.
== My Hardware ==
* Panda (Home Desktop): [ Smolt Profile]
* Yuna (Laptop): [ Smolt Profile]
* Hello Kitty (Office Workstation): [ Smolt Profile]
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