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Translation man-pages in to Russian.

About the project

Structure of man-pages

The man-pages sections are traditionally defined as follows:

  • man1 - Commands (Programs) - Those commands that can be executed by the user from within a shell.
  • man2 - System calls - Those functions which must be performed by the kernel.
  • man3 - Library calls - Most of the libc functions.
  • man4 - Special files (devices) - Files found in /dev.
  • man5 - File formats and conventions - The format for /etc/passwd and other human-readable files.
  • man6 - Games
  • man7 - Conventions and miscellaneous - Overviews of various topics, conventions and protocols, character set standards, and miscellaneous other things.
  • man8 - System management commands - Commands like mount(8), many of which only root can execute.