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My name is Nelson and I've decided to create this SOP (Strategical Operational Procedures) about Focus Groups in order to provide background information for some operations that will arise in the scope of Fedora SWOT Analysis, where some strategical points need to be based on Qualitative Research.

Focus Groups provide a cheap and efficient way of performing market research for many ends. I believe that considering the very own nature of the Fedora Project and all the community around it, this method might help providing some information that is relevant for some projects at least in the scope of Fedora Marketing and Fedora Ambassadors, though virtually any Team or Individual contributing for the Fedora Project can use it for many ends, the ultimate handicap of this, is actually YOUR IMAGINATION!.

The present document pretends to approach Focus Groups as a cheap and efficient way of providing interesting Market Research. There are many ways of running focus groups, I've taken the liberty of choosing one of the most popular approaches for the creation of this SOP.

In the future, if anyone pretends to use this procedures on FAD's, FUDCon's or any other event, or even in cross-projects and if you require help with this, please don't hesitate in subscribing the Marketing Mailing List and ask for help regarding this procedures, or eventually contacting me (though I would prefer to ask on the mailing list because your doubts might be other people's doubts, don't be shy!).

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