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Here is a little welcome message / Mail Template with some additional infos for new Members of the Marketing Team / new Contributors ...

Dear new Marketing Team Contributor,

Thank you for applying to the "Marketing" group in Fedora Account System and to participate.

There is no special Membership Process needed, but we would like to give you some short infos so that your way into Fedora Marketing gets easier.

If you are new to the Fedora Project please read thoroughly

As Marketeer you give a face and a name to Fedora and help to spread out the word. You are a person, friendly and approachable. Fedora is big and scary, but you are going to help make sure that *one person* finds their way through all the confusion into the place where they can contribute. You are the glue. You help connect different people in different parts of the Project, because you are always dealing with people whose interests are different. In order to maintain a high level of quality in the Marketing group, we ask you to start with some basics starting with:


to create a wikipage that says something about you and your skills.

subscribe to the mailinglist

Some other important Informations!

If you want directly to contribute on the upcoming Release or have some ideas and not knowing how to fill take a look at *

For social Networking take a look at

Change your first name and last name to Latin letters in the FAS if you filled your name in Cyrillic, Chinese, or other than Latin.

Read the Mailing Guidelines carefully before you start posting there.

If you blog about your work as Fedora Contributor, add your blog to Planet Fedora.

If you were contributing to Fedora before you signed the CLA, remove yourself from the Unlicensed Group for OPL without options.

Never the less Marketing has much to do with Communication, so talk to us, lets do it together!

You can find us on IRC - or you can send a Mail to the Mailinglist

regards [Fedoraproject Marketing Team]

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For questions please ask:
--wonderer 21:22, 19 August 2010 (UTC)