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This article doesn't aim production. This is my playground during the process of creating an article.
The subject is: NetworkManager. The goal is: provide a simple article that highlights it's features, going as much non-technical as possible. The means are: Interviews and imagination.


NetworkManager is an utility that aims to simplify the usage of computer networks in Linux and other UNIX like Operative Systems. NetworkManager has two components: a service that manages networks and reports network changes and a graphical desktop applet that provides a easy interface to manipulate networks. Current stable version is 0.8.0.

Background History

NetworkManager was started by Red Hat Inc. Engineers in 2004 aiming to provide a tool that would allow users to manage computer networks and answering their needs, specially for Wireless Networks. (...)


  • nm-applet
  • nmcli (focus, new feature)
  • cnetworkmanager

Enhanced Features

Desktop Integration


Interview #1

Interview #2

Interview #3

Screen shots

Here go some screenshots. I've taken them on Fedora12 using the Fedora Theme. Those are the screens I might find important, there's no personal information of any kind expect the SSID in some pictures (which really don't care).
Those probably will get redone in a final stage for perfect cropping. Anyway the base on this is to get feedback from everyone who wants to give some in order for the final release to be more accurate. This is not "production" level work.






Personal Notes

This wiki page is:

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  • ... a temporary mean.

This wiki page should not:

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This wiki page will be:

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  • nmcli (command line) > New Feature (present in Fedora13 - FOCUS ON FEATURE)

For further information regarding this specific page (which should not be of your knowledge if you are outside the Marketing Team) please feel free to contact Nelson Marques.

If you believe some information here can be improved or is inaccurate, please contact Nelson Marques.

3rd party comments/suggestions

If you believe something is innacurate or want to provide some useful information for this article, please edit and leave your thoughts. I (Nelson Marques) will be checking this on a daily basis until this whole process is finished.

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