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Fedora Slogans

Now taking new ideas.

  • Software patents are for suckers
  • Fedora: patent-free since 2003
  • Make OGG, not MP3
  • If you don't believe in software patents, don't use patented software
  • Fedora: all free, all the time
  • Fedora: More freedom than you can shake a patent lawyer at!
  • Fedora: No patent lawyers were harmed in the making of this product.
  • Fedora: No patent lawyers profited due to the making of this product.
  • Fedora: All the fun you can have without a patent laywer.
  • Fedora: Whatever a puppy in a box makes you think of...that's us.
  • Fedora: The element of choice.
  • Fedora: Try Freedom.
  • What Linux can be.
  • Free as in free.
  • Freedom, say it (better) with open source.
  • If you love freedom, say it with open source.
  • Freedom: say it with Fedora.
  • If you love someone, say it with open source.

Fedora Slogans Submitted by Fedora Users