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Word Of Mouth


The Fedora Word Of Mouth Project is a project to give Ambasadors support to help with day to day word of mouth promotion of Fedora, such as introducing the curious, and answering questions and explaining the truth behind myths. This gives Ambassadors more support with non-events, to help Ambassadors Project concentrate an events and meetings.

Support given

  • Help with frequently asked, or foreseen questions and problems.
  • Regular updates about the goings on with Fedora.
  • Hopefully DVDs

Initial Plan

  • Anyone will be able to join, but only Ambassadors will be able to get DVDs
  • Support will be via. IRC channel #fedora-mktg and the Ambassadors mailing list, until there is high interest in the project.


If you would like to participate in this project, please add your name below.

  • ClairShaw
  • ChitleshGoorah
  • TejasDinkar
  • PawelSadowski
  • WassimKaroui
  • OthonBatista
  • JonFautley
  • MikaelJacobsson
  • RussellJohn
  • SusmitShannigrahi

Where do I get support?

  • There is no mailing list yet.
  • Support can be given on IRC channel #fedora-mktg
  • Check out the list of FAQs