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Here is the Text for upcoming presskit Inlay / Module for the Fedoraproject Security Spin. Feel free to copy and distribute on your own. It would be nice to have a copy of the publikation / Link / Eventpage where this was used for later Improvement and the archive. Thanks.

The Fedoraproject Security Spin

The Fedora Security Spin is a Fedora Linux Live CD to provide a safe and secure test-environment for working on security-auditing, forensics and penetration-testing, coupled with all the Fedora-Security features and tools. It was originaly build by Luke Macken, Adam John Miller and is now owened by Jörg Simon and came first out with F12.

The Security Spin is maintained by a community of Security Testers and Developers. It comes with the clean and fast LXDE Desktop Enviroment and a customized menu to have all the instruments one may need to follow a proper test-path on security testing[1]or to rescue a broken system. With the read-write rootfs, it is possible to install software while the livecd is running. The Fedora liveusb-creator provides an overlay feature to put the security-spin on an usb-stick so that the user can install and update software - and can save his test-results permanently.


  • A Toolset für Administrators in Case of Emergency
  • A stable platform for teaching security along Security Classes in Universities and Organisations like the ISECOM so People learn about Fedora through these Classes
  • Showcase for all Security-Features
  • A Toolset for proper Security-Testing
  • a complete Repair/Rescue System - with tools not contained on the

other LiveCD's to rescue your System

  • gather interested People to package new upstreams for this spin
  • Marketing Instrument!
  • There are Industry Partners who are interested to contribute
  • and also contained in this presentation SecuritySpin and the OSSTMM

project contact: Jörg Simon –
press contact: Henrik Heigl –

For questions and Improvement of this text please contact Henrik Heigl -


  • odt version
  • pdf version