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This schedule depends on Fedora general release schedule.

General tasks not tied to a particular Fedora release cycle

Things to be done before the next meeting that are not schedule milestones.

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
update marketing f12 schedule with meeting notes mchua 2009-07-08 done
create FooBar page and hand off to appropriate people mchua 2009-07-08 done, see FooBar
Choose a Foobar platform ianweller 2009-08-01 Final platform should be chosen by 8/1; in the meantime, this means serving as the liason between zikula/logistics and marketing/foobar alongside JonRob. Specific deliverables before 7/14 marketing meeting: (1) Attend 7/8 Zikula meeting as Marketing/FooBar delegate, and send meeting notes from that perspective to both the logistics and marketing lists; (2) on FooBar, list the criteria you're using for platform selection, and (3) on FooBar, draft a list of features that platform should have (as part of the selection criteria) on FooBar. Ping Marketing people on-list and in-channel to help fill in brainstorms for all 3.
Docs team release notes request writeup Sparks 2009-07-14 Docs team wants Marketing to write a 1-pg user-focused version of release notes; Sparks to shoot an email to mktglist on what the idea is and what Docs is looking for from Marketing. It sounds like you'd like Marketing to own the 1-pg notes and coordinate with Docs, but we are not sure exactly what this 1-pager is that we would own. At the 7/14 meeting, we'll look for volunteers and set a future milestone for this, probably towards the end of the release cycle.
Ask News team for FooBar reqs, see if it makes sense to sync jonrob 2009-07-14 with ianweller
Face of Fedora Jack Aboutboul,Paul Frields YYYY-MM-DD The Face of Fedora Video Campaign
Fedora Book Jack Aboutboul, Lisa Brewster, Ian Weller YYYY-MM-DD Initiative to put together a Fedora Coffee table book Fedora Picture Book

The 6 weeks leading up to Alpha (2009-07-07 - 2009-08-18)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Alpha Readiness Meeting themayor 2009-07-21 Traditionally taken by the team lead; the meeting itself is on 8/12, giving plenty of time to prepare. Check-in at the next meeting Jack is at.
Update the Talking Points stickster 2009-07-28 This tasks starts at feature freeze on 7/28. We want a talking points draft by 7/28 and a final by August 4, so we'll revisit on 8/21 and Paul can grab some volunteers then.
Renew the news distribution network people list to always have motivated people moixs 2009-07-28 In progress
Cleanup the wiki from the obsolete marketing cycles moixs 2009-07-21 In progress
Cycle the wiki pages to the new release moixs 2009-07-14 Done
Publications list themayor, with Sparks 2009-07-21 Not blocking anything, according to Jack, this can wait 'till he gets back, so that's what we've done.
Mailing list moderators themayor 2009-07-21 Making sure the mailing list moderators are the right people - still active and able to respond to queries. Blocking on infra for password reset, [#1525].

Between Alpha and Beta (2009-08-19 - 2009-10-06)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Determine the features that we want to focus on Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
In-depth feature profiles to 75% completion Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Contact beats people about topics/features we cover Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Update the talking points Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Beta Readiness Meeting Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Begin working on release slogan Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note

Between Beta and Preview Release (2009-10-07 - 2009-10-20)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Finish the in-depth feature profiles Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Brief FAMSCo on talking points and propagate link to Ambassadors Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Update the press kits on the Fedora press material page moixs and someone else YYYY-MM-DD moixs is updating the French kits

Between Preview Release and Final (2009-10-21 - 2009-11-03)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Update the screenshots page moixs YYYY-MM-DD A note
Update the Fedora tour page Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Aggressively push stories to the News Distribution Network moixs YYYY-MM-DD A note

Final release and subsequent 4 weeks (2009-11-04 - 2009-12-01)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Monitor community news sites and provide corrections and additional information as needed Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Additional outreach to independent journos and podcasters Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note