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This schedule depends on Fedora general release schedule.

General tasks not tied to a particular Fedora release cycle

Things to be done before the next meeting that are not schedule milestones.

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Docs/Marketing release notes workflow Sparks 2009-07-21 Docs team wants Marketing to write a 1-pg user-focused version of release notes. By this date we should have a workflow proposed and either (1) a marketing volunteer either doing or liasoning to Docs on this, or (2) a "we have no volunteers; I'll come back later this release cycle with a modified request from Docs for help from Marketing" later-milestone decision with defined date and milestone.
Fedora Book Jack Aboutboul, Lisa Brewster, Ian Weller YYYY-MM-DD Initiative to put together a Fedora Coffee table book Fedora Picture Book
Fedora Classroom mchua 2009-07-21 ask SeanDaly to teach a Marketing class.
FI workflow/content plan JonRob 2009-07-28
ping design list for help with FI ianweller 2009-07-28
eat banana ianweller 2009-07-28 done
continue watching logistics/docs zikula discussion, push Marketing specs/reqs up as needed stickster, with ianweller 2009-07-28
meet wiht pcalarco to discuss News workflow for FI JonRob 2009-07-28
poke various groups for final spec requests for FI, pass to stickster and ianweller mchua 2009-07-28 see FooBar
revisit netbooks topic at 2009-07-28 meeting themayor 2009-07-29

The 6 weeks leading up to Alpha (2009-07-07 - 2009-08-18)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Integrate Marketing F12 schedule into main F12 schedule mchua 2009-08-03 Coordinate with other team leads, final draft to poelcat by 2009-08-03.
Alpha Readiness Meeting mchua 2009-08-12 Traditionally taken by the team lead; the meeting itself is on 8/12. Should look into having a second co-representative.
Select the F12 talking points stickster 2009-08-04 This tasks starts at feature freeze on 7/28. By 8/4 we should know what stories we want to tell around each talking point, and in what format (video, podcast, text interview, etc) and have coordinated any necessary work with Docs and News.
Renew the news distribution network people list to always have motivated people moixs 2009-07-28 In progress, checkin weekly.
Cleanup the wiki from the obsolete marketing cycles moixs 2009-07-21 Need to find out: how long does this task take?
Cycle the wiki pages to the new release moixs 2009-07-14 Need to find out: how long does this task take?
Publications list themayor, with Sparks 2009-07-28 Status report due.
Mailing list moderators stickster 2009-07-21 Done. This task is making sure the mailing list moderators are the right people - still active and able to respond to queries.

Between Alpha and Beta (2009-08-19 - 2009-10-06)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Choose features for in-depth feature profiles Owner 2009-08-04 These are chosen after the features for talking points are picked.
In-depth feature profiles to 75% completion Owner 2009-09-01
Contact beats people about topics/features we cover Owner 2009-09-01 Immediately after the feature profiles are 75% complete.
Update the talking points Owner 2009-08-11 Update these to respond to work being done on in-depth feature profiles as well as News beats.
Beta Readiness Meeting Owner 2009-09-30 Traditionally the responsibility of the team lead.
Open the call for release slogan suggestions Owner 2009-08-27 This will run until 9/10.
Select a release slogan Owner 2009-09-17 Make sure Design has the release slogan so they can start designing.
In-depth feature profiles to 100% completion Owner 2009-10-06 start 9/22 (2 weeks ahead); this completion date means we can tie this in with additional marketing materials which Red Hat can help us with.
Final release slogan is ready for websites/design Owner 2009-09-17 Marketing creates this, influenced by the Design themes/wallpaper/etc. for the release. The slogan then (circularly?) affects the Design team's release button/banner for the website. Need to make sure this lines up with Design and Website's dates. This date is a start date; the end date needs to be set in conjunction with Design.

Between Beta and Preview Release (2009-10-07 - 2009-10-20)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Brief FAMSCo on talking points and propagate link to Ambassadors Owner YYYY-MM-DD Needs to be scheduled with Ambassadors. Ambassadors and Marketing should have a bidirectional communication channel - how do we make sure we're really being responsive to their needs, especially their need to listen to our users' needs? We may need more milestones for this.
Update the press kits on the Fedora press material page moixs and someone else 2009-10-07 moixs is updating the French kits. Ideally, we want this done 6 weeks before general availability. We also want the kits to be printable by anyone (no need to get it specially printed by Red Hat due to strange paper, color, etc. choices). This should be sent to journalists with USB sticks when the time comes. This milestone needs a date, and may need to be split into multiple milestones.

Between Preview Release and Final (2009-10-21 - 2009-11-03)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Update the screenshots page moixs YYYY-MM-DD A note
Update the Fedora tour page Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Aggressively push stories to the News Distribution Network moixs YYYY-MM-DD A note

Final release and subsequent 4 weeks (2009-11-04 - 2009-12-01)

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Monitor community news sites and provide corrections and additional information as needed Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note
Additional outreach to independent journos and podcasters Owner YYYY-MM-DD A note