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| 3 || [[User:Yn1v | Neville A. Cross ]] || Pentax DSLR with extra lens, tripod, [ microphone]
| 3 || [[User:Yn1v | Neville A. Cross ]] || Pentax DSLR with extra lens, tripod, [ microphone]
| 4 || Your name here.... ||
| 4 || [[User:rrix|Ryan Rix]] || Mostly broken Canon powershot
| 5 || Your name here.... ||

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# FAS Name &
Full Name
Where will you be
during the FAD?
1 Mel Chua Raleigh (from Massachusetts)
2 Henrik Heigl Raleigh (from Germany)
3 Ryan Rix Raleigh (from Arizona)
4 robyn bergeron Raleigh (from Arizona)
5 MaxSpevack Raleigh
6 Kara Schiltz Raleigh
7 Pascal Calarco South Bend, IN
8 Paul W. Frields Raleigh (from Virginia)
9 John Poelstra Portland?
10 Rahul Sundaram India
11 Ben Williams Raleigh (from Virginia)
12 Russell Harrison Raleigh (tentative)
13 Neville A. Cross Raleigh (from Nicaragua)
14 Susan Lauber Raleigh (tentative)
15 John Adams Raleigh
16 Chris Grams Raleigh (part-time)
17 Jonathan Opp Raleigh
18 Heherson Pagcaliwagan Manila
19 Aamir A Bhutto Karachi, Pk
20 Justin O'Brien Richmond, IN
21 Hiemanshu Sharma India
22 David Nalley Raleigh (from South Carolina)



We will be meeting for 4 days. The dates are Saturday, March 13, 2010 - Tuesday, March 16, 2010. Out-of-towners will fly in Friday, March 12.


Best Western Cary Inn And Extended Stay
1722 Walnut Street
Cary, NC 27511

900 Main Campus Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606


  • Map from RDU airport to FAD hotel.
  • Map from FAD hotel to Red Hat.

Conference rooms have been reserved for Monday and Tuesday. On Saturday and Sunday, we'll have plenty of space.

Freenode --> #fedora-fad on freenode.

Pickup At Airport

who When Picked Up By Outside Baggage Claim Based on Airline
Neville A. Cross Arriving AA 1004 12:40pm Friday 3/12 Ben
Ryan Rix Arriving Southwest 621 10:35pm Friday 3/12 Ben
Robyn Bergeron Arriving Southwest 621 10:35pm Friday 3/12 Ben
Mel Chua Delta 4198 11:48pm Friday 3/12 Ben

Materials / Tools

  • Software! Let's make sure we all have the needed tools installed before we get to Raleigh. If there is anything specific we need for brand book publishing, video / audio / photo editing, please list it here.
    • Someone fluent in Inkscape (Mel Chua is passable, and can serve if needed.)
    • Perhaps Scribus? (Mel Chua will ask the design list...)
    • Audacity is a good sound-editing program. Now we just need someone who knows how to use it. (Mel Chua has rudimentary Audacity skillz, but also can't hear, so an alternate is greatly desired - I can teach software usage.)
    • digikam and gimp for Lightboxing and small manipulations
  • Cameras / video equipment
# FAS Name &
Full Name bringing
1 Robyn Bergeron Flip Video, Leica digital cam, Nikon DSLR, I think I have a mini-tripod somewhere...
2 Henrik Heigl Canon DSLR with extra lens...
3 Neville A. Cross Pentax DSLR with extra lens, tripod, microphone
4 Ryan Rix Mostly broken Canon powershot
5 Your name here....


Day 1 (Saturday, March 13)

Strategy and Research. This day's owner is Robyn Bergeron.


  • Introductions, logistics, answering questions, etc. (Max)
  • Make sure everyone understands the schedule for the FAD. (Max)
  • Review the Marketing Project's plans and goals.
  • F12 postmortem and discussion and documentation.


We will go out for lunch at Ole Time Barbeque.


  • Review Fedora's marketing plan.
  • Discuss any market research or survey items.
  • How do we plan for and prioritize the future?
  • Short term and long term goals.


We have 12 tickets in Red Hat's private box for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game against the Phoenix Coyotes. The game starts at 7:00 PM and we will have food at the arena. Please add your name if you would like to attend: Max, Mel, David, $YOU.


  • Finalized marketing plan.
  • A nice presentation on market research results.
  • A SOP on how to set up LimeSurvey surveys.

Day 2 (Sunday, March 14)

Brand book. This day's owner is Max Spevack, for now.


  • Presentation from Red Hat's brand experts about what a brand book is, its purposes, goals, etc.
  • Facilitated discussion to begin taking us through what a Fedora brand book might look like or hope to achieve.




Split into groups to work on different tasks that come out of the morning session.

Things to consider:


Group dinner somewhere TBD.


  • A set of official Fedora templates for ODS, ODT, and ???
  • Either clean up wiki pages where such templates are stored and use the new ones, OR have a clear, actionable plan for doing this post-FAD.
  • Roadmap toward a Brand Book v.1.0 (available freely online, CC-BY, in remixable format, of course).

Day 3 (Monday, March 15)

Interviews and filming. This day's owner is Max Spevack.


  • Introductions from Red Hat's video team.
  • Messaging is critical. Planning for videos we want to make, and having a general idea of the main points or storyboards for each.
  • Tips on how to film a good video.
  • Start filming!


We'll probably have something delivered to the office, and we'll be doing filming during lunch.


  • Keep filming!


PROPOSAL -- Adventure Landing. Not sure about dinner.


  • Contributor spotlights.
  • Fedora round table discussion.
  • FOSS marketing and Fedora Marketing.
  • Fedora 13 feature discussions and plan for Paul to shoot any remaining footage needed for F13 spotlight videos in Westford.
  • Podcast interview chain started.
    • Basic introduction to Fedora history/precepts
    • Interviews with local contributors

Day 4 (Tuesday, March 16)

PR. Owner: Henrik Heigl, with remote backup from Sakis Samaras.


  • Presentation from Red Hat's PR people, perhaps repeating some of the earlier Fedora Classroom session.
    • How does Red Hat do PR for its products?
    • What does a comms plan look like?
    • The difficulty of having a consistent message with lots of speakers.
    • How do we do a better job of training spokesmodels?
    • How do we measure the success of PR?
    • What parts of Fedora's PR can be moved out of only the FPL/RH's hands?
  • Brainstorming of ideas, and prioritizing for future actions.


We'll probably have something delivered to the office.


Max recommends that we cancel the weekly Fedora Marketing meeting to not interrupt the flow of the FAD.

  • Update Fedora press material.
  • Fedora 13 & onward PR plan
    • Develop a concrete communications plan and schedule of press materials for F13 & F14 to address various audiences.
      • Content -- Interviews, podcasts, press releases, magazine articles, online webcasts / interview sessions.
      • Delivery mechanisms -- Fedora Insight
      • Audiences -- General media, Technical media, engineers, potential end users, contributors
  • Red Hat Summit 2010 & Fedora planning update
    • People needed
    • Swag needed
    • Press collateral needed


The FAD will be over by this time.


Other topics

This section is a collection of ideas that aren't currently tied to any part of the agenda.


The list below is just the collection of items we will discuss about and does not say anything about the time or order they're discussed about.

  • Add in something about FAS accounts for marketing - what can we do with this (if anything)
  • F12 - what did we do there
  • F13 - how far we are
    • Start of release cycle
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • GA
    • Start of release cycle
  • upcoming releases
  • measurement
  • build up an press and picture archive
  • everything else

=> goal: have a big picture of a possible marketing plan we could use during Fedora cycles.

Proposed by Neville A. Cross

How to push articles/news? Fedora News Distribution Network

  • How RedHat does this?
  • What we have done?
  • How to translate/localize articles
  • How we can tap into a global network of ambassadors?


  • storytelling
  • what is open source marketing?
  • events we should go to (as Ambassadors as well)?
    • marketing conferences
    • RH Summit (Boston)
  • FI articles brainstorming
    • idea: each article should be tagged with at least one of the four Foundations.
    • Fedora-contributions-to-upstream profile(s)
    • user stories


Maybe there are questions who want to be answered... collect them.

    • RH Marketing:
      • How do you plan new marketing campains?
      • how was the workflow on the campaign on [product xyz]?
      • how works an international campaign? local departments? centralized?


  • how to write press releases (see day 4)
  • overview over PR in Opensource (talk from Henrik Heigl ) - also on day 4.
  • Fedora Handbook - Rahul Sundaram
  • ideas?!
  • trifold brochure
  • Quick RPM howto

Event reports

Blog posts, photos, etc. go here.


We have a $3k budget for this FAD, and it is all spoken for, with virtually every penny of it spent on airfare and lodging.


Name Coming from Budget needed Flight constraints Status
Mel Chua PIT (coming from another conference) $0 arriving Delta 4198 11:48pm, departing Delta 1591 10:45am Funded via another budget, leaving up here for reference.
Henrik Heigl Germany, Saarbrücken (SCN) $852.34 Arriving US Airways 1917 7:59pm Thursday 3/11, departing US Airways 768 3:45pm Wednesday 3/17. PURCHASED
Robyn Bergeron PHX $285.40 Arriving Southwest 621 10:35pm Friday 3/12, departing Southwest 296 3:05pm Wednesday 3/17 PURCHASED
Ryan Rix PHX $285.40 Arriving Southwest 621 10:35pm Friday 3/12, departing Southwest 296 3:05pm Wednesday 3/17 PURCHASED
Neville A. Cross MIA $199.40 Arriving AA 1004 12:40pm Friday 3/12, departing AA 1541 7:25pm Tuesday 3/16 PURCHASED
Total so far: $1622.54
Your name Your location Approximate cost of plane ticket (overestimate, pls) What's the earliest you can leave and the latest you can return? pending approval


We will be staying at:

Best Western Cary Inn And Extended Stay
1722 Walnut Street
Cary, NC 27511 US

Four nonsmoking double rooms have been booked, see roommate pairings below. The room was booked under the name of the roommate I thought was likely to arrive first.

Do not forget your ear plugs if you have a roommate!
Booked under Roommate Check-in Check-out Nights Cost
Robyn Bergeron Mel Chua 3/12 (Fri) 3/17 (Wed) 5 see below (booked as 2-room block)
Ben Williams Ryan Rix 3/12 (Fri) 3/17 (Wed) 5 $635.16 (booked with Robyn/Mel's room above)
Neville Cross Paul Frields 3/12 (Fri) 3/16 (Tue) 4 $251.74
Henrik Heigl David Nalley 3/11 (Thu) 3/17 (Wed) 6 $383.42
Name Name Date Date Nights Cost
Total so far: 20 $1270.32

Other expenses

Expense Cost Status
SuperShuttle for Henrik from RDU to hotel, as he's coming Thursday night. $18.00 PURCHASED (needed to go with plane, and under budget)
Gas for Paul (driving instead of flying) $50.00 APPROVED
Gas for Ben (driving instead of flying) $50.00 APPROVED
Total so far: $118.00