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Fedora Marketing Activity Days 2010

DRAFT Version 0.1

The mktg-FAD 2010 is an event intended to plan the marketing' activities in 2010 and to have some fun together.



  • when?
    • suggestions...


Suggestions include:

  • Hawaii (it never hurts to dream)
  • Coast cities make for less plane-hopping, although other cities have direct flights as well.
    • Portland (an open-source friendly city!)
    • Seattle
    • Vancouver
    • Atlanta
    • Boston
  • Phoenix/Tempe, AZ: Europeans can take a nice direct flight from LHR to PHX which makes for GREAT sleeping time! Also where Ryan Rix and Robyn Bergeron live, more or less.
  • Las Vegas, NV: Cheap rooms! Cheap food! Conference space abounds! Also, engineering marvels like the Hoover Dam, and natural wonders like Zion National Park, are nearby for sightseeing purposes, in case your eyes just couldn't get enough in Vegas.


Ride Sharing / Car Pooling


Please fill in your details .

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Hotel Friday's
Arrival Departure Comment
1 Mel Chua yes yes day, time after end here it is...
2 Henrik Heigl yes yes day, time day, time germany
3 Ryan Rix yes yes day, time day, time phoenix az
4 robyn bergeron yes yes day, time day, time flagstaff, az


For blogs, signatures and the like: buttons! -> later work for artwork ;-)



The list below is just the collection of items we will discuss about and does not say anything about the time or order they're discussed about.

  • F12 - what did we do there
  • F13 - how far we are
    • Start of release cycle
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • GA
    • Start of release cycle
  • upcoming releases
  • measurement
  • everything else


depends on where we are (e.g. springbreak, bikeweek, etc.)


  • how to write press releases
  • overview over PR in Opensource (talk from Henrik Heigl ).
  • ideas?!


  • hotel
  • flights
  • eating
  • fun part



Here is a Place where anybody can place the media from the Event (Blogentrys, press texts, flickr Photostream, etc.). If your BlogEntry or Photo is missing here, please add it.