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6 weeks prior to Alpha

  • Renew the news distribution network people list to always have motivated people
  • Cleanup the wiki from the obsolete marketing cycles
  • Cycle the wiki pages to the new release

Alpha Release

  • Assign marketing people to Fedora features/developers for the rest of the cycle
  • Assign marketing people to SIGs for the rest of the cycle

Feature Freeze

  • Update the features page
  • Update the talking points

Beta Release

  • Developer interviews on the coming release?
  • Brief FAMSCo on talking points and propagate link to Ambassadors
    • (Note that the link is not offered for comment, but for information. Comments should be gathered prior to finalizing the talking points.)
  • collect these stuff and forward it to fedora press - Henrik Heigl
  • Update the press kits on the Fedora press material page

Preview Release

(artwork is generally done at this point)

  • Update the screenshots page
  • Update the Fedora tour page

Final Release

  • Spam the world
  • Monitor community news sites and provide corrections and additional information as needed
  • Additional outreach to independent journos and podcasters
  • Have a beer
  • Update the Marketing statistics poster X weeks after the release