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Current accounts

There are a lot of Fedora developers, users, friends and enthusiastic people all over the world. Here you are a list of Social Network links where you can find who we are and what we do.

Network Groups Links Manager
Linkedin Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors, Paul W. Frields, Pascal Calarco, Francesco Crippa, Jon Stanley
Bebo Fedora Project Keiran Smith
XING Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors SandroMathys, GeroldKassube and FabianAffolter
Flickr fedora linux
Facebook Fedora Diaa Radwan
Facebook Fedora Core Rocks!, Fedora Core Users, Fedora-Linux, Fedora Ambassadors, Fedora Bangladesh, Fedora Ambassador Bangladesh, Fedora Malaysia
Facebook Fedora Ambassadors Bangladesh
Facebook User:Sureshinde
Facebook Fedora Project - Myanmar Community Yan Naing Myint
Google+ Google plus page User:Kevin
Google+ Fedora Albania User:g1m
Google+ Google plus castillian page User:Gomix
Plaxo Pulse Fedora Project
MySpace Fedora Project PatrickBarnes
Frappr Fedora Project RahulSundaram
wer-kennt-wen Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors HenrikHeigl
Lokalisten Fedora HenrikHeigl
Twitter Fedora MatiasKreder
Twitter (transitioned to from @fedora_linux in late June 2010) Fedora Paul W. Frields
Twitter Fedora Greece
Twitter Fedora Russian Federation Inna Kabanova
Vkontakte Fedora Russian Federation Inna Kabanova Fedora Malaysia User:Izhar
Friendfeed fedora_linux Mostafa Daneshvar
Twitter Fedora Indonesia Jurankdankkal
Fedora-Ni Fedora Nicaragua Facebook Google+ Twitter William Moreno (owner), Eduardo Mayorga
Identica Fedora Project Paul W. Frields (owner), Robyn Bergeron (working on it), Matias Kreder, Jonathan Nalley, Jared Smith
Twitter Planet Fedora Susmit (owner), Paul W. Frields, Robyn Bergeron
新浪微博 Fedora Project Cicku (owner)

Proposed strategy

  • Target | Fedora Project on Facebook, | Fedora Project on Google+, | @fedora on Twitter, and | Fedora Project on
  • Leave other services and more specific pages (e.g., the Flickr group, @fedora_gr-the Fedora Greece Twitter) to those who maintain them now
  • Expand the microblogging strategy to apply to other social media.
  • Pay for four HootSuite Pro users ($30/month): One each in NA east coast, NA west coast, Europe, Asia
    • If in time we find we need more, we would consider adding more to the team



  • Analytics
  • User management and multiple users access to posting from multiple accounts in one easy place
  • Scheduling
  • Auto scheduling, which will attempt to determine optimum time within the day for a message
  • Bulk upload (you can create a list of scheduled posts in a csv and upload it all at once rather than entering them individually)


  • Not an open solution (but most of the services we're posting to aren't open either)

Price $10/month for 2 users, $10 for each additional user

Follower strategy notes

  • @fedora_linux moved to @fedora on Twitter in 2010 but still has more followers. People tend to follow back (and may have missed the move altogether). We should start following @fedora_linux followers from @fedora, though in small numbers, as Twitter will block accounts that follow too many at once.
  • Facebook Pages are becoming less useful to the organizations that use them due to their new Promoted Posts feature. Fewer eyes are seeing posts. That doesn't mean we should ignore FB, but it's worth noting.


  • What do we do about password management? For example, if an account is managed by only one person at this time, and that person leaves Fedora, we'll have an orphaned social media community.
    • Would HootSuite solve this issue?? Is that the only scenario there is a question about? Answer: It's separate problems for accounts we manage in HS vs accounts that RandomContributor is managing alone.
  • What's the current state of posting to from HS? This may have to be more manual as well.
  • What's the state of Identigator and do we want to use it? (Is it currently in use?)

Past discussions

Microblogging Goals/Wishes

  • Use primarily and have that mirrored to Twitter: -- Perhaps using Identigator
  • Come up with something more FLOSSy than HootSuite that actually works with (see above suggestion)
  • Verified accounts
  • Twitter accounts we care about are listed. ??
  • Automated (get eyeballs)
  • Manual (for calls to action)
  • push content vs conversations (keeps us authentic)
  • QA and accountability (for quality of content)
  • Aggregate #fedora, #fudcon, etc. tweets -- Identigator maybe ??


Status and microblogging SOP