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Social media connects Fedora developers, users, friends, and enthusiasts around the world. This is also one strategy to share Fedora announcements, community news, and other updates. All known accounts are documented below, curated by a best-effort volunteering community.

Note: Official accounts are designated official due to their connection to the Fedora Trademark.

Official Accounts

Maintained by Marketing and/or Social Media Teams. Anyone with access to Official Accounts should be members of the fedora-socialmedia FAS group. If you believe you should be in the group, contact a group sponsor.

Network Page name Links Administrator(s) Clients
Mastodon Fedora Project Joseph Gayoso, Justin W. Flory, Nick Bebout
Facebook The Fedora Project Administrators: Brian Proffitt, Paul W. Frields, Ryan Lerch, Joe Brockmeier, Christoph Wickert, Robyn Bergeron, Jiří Eischmann, Tom Callaway, Ruth Suehle

Editors: Remy DeCausemaker, Diaa Radwan

proprietary server, web-based, messaging supported in bitlbee, pidgin
Twitter @fedora Brian Proffitt, Paul W. Frields, Ruth Suehle, Joe Brockmeier, Ryan Lerch, Matthew Miller, Justin W. Flory, Jona Azizaj, Marie Nordin, Vipul Siddharth proprietary server, web-based, clients available (cawbird)
YouTube Fedora Project Primary owner: Fedora Project (social media mgmt.) (special Google account managed by the Fedora Community Architect specifically for YouTube)

Owners: Justin W. Flory, Brian Proffitt

Managers: Akashdeep Dhar, Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez, Ben Cotton, Daimar Stein, Eduard Lucena, Eric Hendricks, Jiří Eischmann, Kevin Fenzi, Marie Nordin, Mark Terranova, Paul W. Frields, Ryan Lerch, Tom Callaway

proprietary server, web-based, supported in video-downloader
Instagram @thefedoraproject Ryan Lerch, Jona Azizaj, Justin W. Flory proprietary server, has web version
Matrix Admins Momčilo "Momo" Medić, Kevin Fenzi open source server, has web version, open source client available as flatpak in flathub

Secondary Accounts

Secondary accounts are accounts created officially within the project, but they are not the primary method for distributing news or information. Often, these accounts post automatically or pull from other feeds to relay content.

Network Page name Links Purpose Administrator(s)
Twitter @fedoracommunity Ryan Lerch has/had a script to automatically tweet links for new Community Blog articles Administrators: Brian Exelbierd, Jona Azizaj, Justin W. Flory, Marie Nordin, Paul W. Frields, Ryan Lerch

Contributors: (none)

Pending invitation: Eduard Lucena (as an Admin), Matthew Miller (as an Admin), Sumantro Mukherjee (as an Admin)

Reddit /r/Fedora Active Moderators: Eric Gustavsson proprietary server, web-based
Discord Fedora Linux Owner: Radka (Rhea) Gustavsson
Moderators: Eric Eisenhart, DokaDoka, dvs, refi64, Sebastiaan, -Kass
proprietary server, has web version, open source clients are forbidden by license terms
Telegram @fedoranews @fedoranews Justin W. Flory, Jiří Eischmann, Ryan Lerch, Marie Nordin, Sumantro Mukherjee, Eduard Lucena, Vipul Siddharth proprietary server, has web version, open source client available in RPMFusion

Fedora Community-Managed Accounts

Fedora Community-Managed Accounts are related to the Fedora Project, but not officially maintained by the Fedora Marketing Team or Social Media administrators. Often, these accounts are specific to a region or country. These pages are typically run by an individual contributor or a group of contributors. However, these accounts are not officially endorsed by the Fedora Project or Red Hat Inc.

Facebook pages

Page name Links Administrator(s)
Fedora Albania Jona Azizaj (via Open Labs Albania)
Fedora Bangladesh (group)
Fedora Project - Local Community Myanmar Yan Naing Myint
Projeto Fedora Brasil Daniel Bruno, Wolnei
Fedora Ni William Moreno (owner), Eduardo Mayorga
Fedora Pakistan Nasir Hussain

Twitter accounts

Account name Links Administrator(s)
Fedora Albania Jona Azizaj (via Open Labs Albania)
RussianFedora Inna Kabanova
Fedora in Greece ???
Fedora™ Indonesia Jurankdankkal
ProjetoFedora Daniel Bruno, Wolnei
Fedora Nicaragua William Moreno (owner), Eduardo Mayorga
NeuroFedora Ankur Sinha and the NeuroFedora SIG See the SOP.
Fedora Haskell Jens Petersen and the Haskell SIG
Fedora i18n Jens Petersen and I18N
Fedora Czech
Fedora CoreOS
Fedora IoT
Fedora SilverBlue
Fedora Türkiye
Fedora Mexico
Fedora India Vipul Siddharth
Fedora Bot
Fedora Security Lab
Fedora Community Space

Other networks

Network Page name Links Administrator(s)
Flickr FEDORA GNU/linux ???
Fedora-IT Fedora Italy robyduck
Vkontakte Russian Fedora Inna Kabanova

Retired Accounts

These accounts, for one reason or another, are retired, deleted, or no longer maintained.

Network Page name Links Administrator(s)
diaspora* Brian Proffitt
Identica Fedora Project Paul W. Frields (owner), Robyn Bergeron (working on it), Matias Kreder, Jonathan Nalley, Jared Smith
Linkedin Fedora Pascal Calarco, Francesco Crippa, Jon Stanley
Twitter @fedora_planet Automatically tweets out new Fedora Planet articles


The Google+ service shut down on 2019 April 2.

Account name Links Administrator(s)
Fedora Project Owner: Matthew Williams

Managers: Brian Exelbierd, Brian Proffitt, Caius CHANCE, Christoph Wickert, Izhar Firdaus (KageSenshi), Jiří Eischmann, Joe Brockmeier, Justin W. Flory, Kevin Fenzi, Mark Terranova, Paul W. Frields, Remy DeCausemaker, Ruth Suehle, Ryan Lerch, Tom Callaway, Matthew Miller

Communications manager: Charles Profitt

Fedora Albania User:G1m
Proyecto Fedora User:Gomix
Fedora Nicaragua William Moreno (owner), Eduardo Mayorga
Fedora Portugal Pedro Andrade (owner), Nuno Rodrigues

Account security

Most official social media accounts are managed by each administrator's personal account on that network, like for Facebook or Google+. In cases like Twitter, access is granted to individual accounts using Tweetdeck. However, single passwords still exist for these accounts. The passwords are securely stored within Fedora's infrastructure, along with private assets used by the Infrastructure team. As of October 2016, Patrick Uiterwijk manages password storage and security.

Past discussions

Microblogging Goals/Wishes

  • Use primarily and have that mirrored to Twitter: -- Perhaps using Identigator
  • Come up with something more FLOSSy than HootSuite that actually works with (see above suggestion)
  • Verified accounts
  • Twitter accounts we care about are listed. ??
  • Automated (get eyeballs)
  • Manual (for calls to action)
  • push content vs conversations (keeps us authentic)
  • QA and accountability (for quality of content)
  • Aggregate #fedora, #fudcon, etc. tweets -- Identigator maybe ??


Status and microblogging SOP