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!!! This page is obsolete and will be deleted in the future !!!

Please refer to [1] for any info on Nodoka Theme

Nodoka Theme DRAFT


One thing Fedora lacks is its own theme. Currently we are making our icon set, staring with our cursor set, and each new release we have some kind of release theming - a pack of wallpaper, gdm theme, rhgb theme, anaconda look and feel, grub theme and maybe more. But what Fedora does not have is a complete Fedora theme - i.e. metacity/kwm/{whatever else window manager} theme and gtk/qt/qt4 theme and notification theme. In an attempt to fill this gap I started working on Nodoka theme. Why nodoka? It's a Japanese word (長閑) and means tranquil, calm, quiet. That is what I'd like this theme to symbolize.


  • Create a complete set of fedora theme (excluding wallpaper, which is release dependent) that would look consistent throughout whole desktop and would include echo icon set
  • Create a theme that is nice, not attracting too much attention to itself, rather calms that enrages, and that is focused on usability as well
  • Use classical fedora blue as an basic color, build the theme around it, but not "overblueize" it
  • Make use of soft gradients, not make too hard color transitions