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| maven-dependency-plugin || '''<span style="color:green">DONE</span> '''
| maven-dependency-plugin || '''<span style="color:green">DONE</span> '''
| maven-deploy-plugin || '''<span style="color:blue">[ On Review]</span> '''
| maven-deploy-plugin || '''<span style="color:green">DONE</span> '''
| maven-doap-plugin || '''<span style="color:green">DONE</span> '''
| maven-doap-plugin || '''<span style="color:green">DONE</span> '''

Revision as of 08:27, 25 June 2010

This is list of maven packages that will need to be created after MavenUpdate is finished:

Plugin Status
maven-antlr-plugin SKIP, no tag for maven-antlr-plugin in
maven-ant-plugin DONE
maven-antrun-plugin DONE
maven-changelog-plugin DONE
maven-changes-plugin In-Progress (sochotni, does not support doxia 1.1 present in maven-221. Need to fix upstream)
maven-checkstyle-plugin In-Progress (huwang waiting for plexus-containers upgrading)
guava DONE (maven-checkstyle-plugin needs checkstyle 5.0 which needs it)
maven-dependency-plugin DONE
maven-deploy-plugin DONE
maven-doap-plugin DONE
maven-docck-plugin DONE
maven-ear-plugin DONE
maven-eclipse-plugin On Review
maven-ejb-plugin DONE
maven-gpg-plugin DONE
maven-help-plugin DONE
maven-idea-plugin DONE
maven-invoker-plugin DONE
maven-one-plugin DONE
maven-reports-plugin-project-info DONE
maven-rar-plugin DONE
maven-repository-plugin DONE
maven-source-plugin DONE
maven-stage-plugin DONE
maven-verifier-plugin DONE
maven-war-plugin DONE