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Implementing the FreeMedForms project into Fedora

FreeMedForms is a medical project already sponsored by

  • Debian-Med
  • OpenSuse Medical
  • Slackware

It is a set of applications designed for the medical practice. This includes:

  • FreeMedForms EMR : is actually in alpha stage
  • FreeDiams : is the FreeMedForms EMR drug assistant plugin built into a standalone application that can be linked to any other EMR (GNUmed and other). FreeDiams manages drug-drug interactions. FreeDiams is actually a stable release usable in current practice.
  • FreeICD : is the FreeMedForms EMR ICD10 coding assistant built into a standalone application (FreeICD is only a demonstration application)
  • Some other apps that are being developed

Fedora Medical would gain value by including the following apps from the FreeMedForms project:

  • FreeDiams
  • FreeMedForms for testing purpose (we hope a beta for mid 2011)


The FreeMedForms project contains:

  • mainly GPLv3 code and data
  • some part LGPL v2.1 (adapted from the QtCreator project)

Web Links

FreeMedForms website

Some instruction for the build of FreeMedForms apps

OpenSuse FreeDiams page