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Early planning stage
This Event is still in it's early planning stage. Feel free to add or remove information from this page.

The Idea

With the merger of Maemo and Moblin users and developers of the Maemo community switched from the deb packaging format to the RPM packaging format. Fedora as a leader in packaging standards regarding the RPM Package Manager wants to support the MeeGo community with our knowledge about packaging.

The event

This FAD is completely aimed at remote attendees. Most likely IRC will be the only medium involved, maybe peppered with some Gobby. The MeeGo packaging FAD is supposed to get developers, who are new to the RPM package format, started with their first packages. During the FAD there will be Packaging Classroom sessions (ideally more than one so we can accommodate people from different timezones) as well as open-floor Q&A sessions.

Date: TBD

Target Audience

  • Developers who want to package their applications for the MeeGo platform
  • Developers who already are packaging applications for the MeeGo platform
  • Developers who have packaged applications for the Maemo platform and want to do the switch from deb to rpm

Basically this FAD is aimed at the more advanced users.


Name IRC nick Community Role
Felix Kaechele heffer Fedora Packager / Event owner
Ryan Rix rrix Fedora Packager
Andreas Osowski th0br0 Fedora Packager
Mel Chua mchua Fedora Documenter (will turn logs into a step-by-step tutorial afterwards.)
David Greaves lbt MeeGo Build systems


Split into sysadmin (usage) and packaging (creation)


  • Installing packages using rpm, yum, zypper
  • Arch/no-arch packages
  • Handling installed files, config files
  • Repositories
  • Versioning
  • pre/post install

With particular attention to policy and best practice:

  • spec files
  • macros
  • build dependencies (packages, files)
  • packaging a simple application
  • packaging libraries


  • Baseline virtualbox Meego image (best common denominator?)
  • Identify some packages to install
  • Illustrate rpm -q etc
  • Upgrade a package - config file handling
  • Remove a package

Try to relate to apt/dpkg/deb