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Roll Call

  • Present: Paul Frields, Chris Tyler, Colin Walters, Mike McGrath, Tom "spot" Callaway, Matt Domsch, Dennis Gilmore, John Poelstra, Christopher Aillon
  • Regrets: Josh Boyer
  • Assigned meeting secretary: Dennis Gilmore


Election schedule

Paul Frields

  • STATUS: Newest drafts on Elections page, FAB, and project schedule
  • QUESTION: Is there anyone on the Board who cannot support the schedule? If so, what would have to change for you to do so?
    • ctyler: What happens in the event of a schedule slip?
      • pfrields: It's not necessary, but we could evaluate in the case that there was a substantial slip before the actual nomination, town halls, questionnaire tasks started.
      • We would not want to change the voting timeframe, for example, after it starts.
    • Mdomsch: if there was a slip early on we could postpone start of voting leaving the nominations as is
      • dgilmore: agreed
      • pfrields: agreed
  • ACTION: Paul to remove all draft notices
  • ACTION: John will add a link in the schedule to the Elections page
  • AGREED: Election Schedule approved as is

Spins (SWG)

Matt Domsch

  • User:Mdomsch/SWG_Spins
  • Resolved and concluded
    • Page now shows actionable items that were taken for each issue found
    • mdomsch: asks if anyone has anything else to add
      • Letters sent to Spins SIG, who resoponded that you need to ask spin owners
      • Spin owners felt that the delivery of spins are ok.
      • Spin owners would like to be able to trim fat easier, especially light weight desktops.
    • All identified, actionable issues have tickets or responsible persons attached according to the page.
  • AGREED: Board agrees this item has been resolved successfully

User base (SWG)

John Poelstra

  • User:Poelstra/What_is_a_target_audience
  • User_base
    • QUESTION: Is there anyone on the Board who cannot support this statement? If so, what would have to change for you to do so?
  • jpoelstra: came up with the idea of creating a diagram to represent Fedora's user base
  • after further discussion at Monday's SWG meeting the members there felt it best not to block this topic on having a completed diagram
    • significant time was spent on making sure User_base met with everyone's approval
  • dgilmore: There may be problems with the diagram but it will be really hard to make it right for everyone. The wording on the page is clear
    • spot: Since we don't have an expert diagram artist :-) let's move forward
  • ACTION: Paul to remove draft notices, link from appropriate places,
  • AGREED: User_base is complete and Target Audience discussion is considered officially closed

Fedora UX designers (SWG)

Paul Frields

  • User:Pfrields/Desktop_user_experience_designers
  • Page has been updated with input from Board and Design team members
    • QUESTION: Is there anyone on the Board who cannot support this statement? If so, what would have to change for you to do so?
  • pfields: collaboration helped to make this clear and come up with the best possible result
  • Spot recommends that both Desktop SIG and Design tema link to this page
    • the big result of the page is to emphasize the opportunities and the practice of collaborative (not contesting) decision making in Fedora
  • ACTION: Paul will finalise the page and remove draft notices, and file with the SWG pages
  • ACTION: Paul to link from Desktop and Design team pages as appropriate
  • AGREED: The Board supports this page and the statements it makes.

Next meeting

  • Thursday 2010-04-15 UTC 1600