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Roll Call

  • Present: Tom "spot" Callaway, Paul Frields, Chris Tyler, Matt Domsch, John Poelstra, MikeMcGrath, Dennis Gilmore, Colin Walters, Christopher Aillon
  • Regrets: Josh Boyer
  • Assigned meeting secretary: Chris Tyler


License agreement for

  • Status report
    • Multiple Italian community sites
    • Appears to meet community-based, non-commercial requirements
    • Legal disclaimer (in Italian) appears ok
    • Paul to work with Italian Ambassadors and site owners to promote cooperation

License agreement for

  • QUESTION: Is there anyone on the Board who does not support licensing this site? If not, what would need to change for you to do so?
  • The board has no problem in principle with this site.
  • ACTION: Paul to communicate with site owner regarding logo/graphics usage.
  • ACTION: Held for discussion at a later meeting pending review of graphics (use of Fedora logo, Debian logo?)

Hall monitor policy change

  • QUESTION: Is there anyone who does not support the changes made by Matt and John to this page? What would have to change for you to do that?
  • ACTION: continue discussion at future meeting, with input from current hall monitors
  • Related discussion: Is the hall monitor policy useful and beneficial?
    • ctyler: Fortunately, seems to be rarely needed.
    • mmcgrath: Treating symptoms -- like a dome lowered over a leaking oil well.
    • pfrields: The policy is an interim measure -- we need a way to eject people who consistently run afoul of it. We can have just as much constructive dissent without so much flamage.
    • pfrields: negativity has a significant impact on the community, we need some general approaches to deal with it. Easier to deal with when a member is new to the community. Hall monitors can't remove people who are persistently negative, but can reduce the ripple-effect of their actions. We need a clear way of identifying, warning, and (if need be) removing people who are consistently causing problems.
  • ACTION: Continue discussion on advisory-board (with possible submission of alternate proposals) and a future meeting.
  • pfrields would like to see more discussion on advisory-board.

Team meeting

  • Shall we use a biweekly schedule for public IRC team sessions?
  • Next team suggestions?
  • APPROVED: Public IRC team sessions on 1st and 3rd meeting of each month.
  • ACTION: pfrields to draw up team meeting schedule.

Next meeting

  • Thursday, 2010-05-20 UTC 1600
    • IRC Public team meeting, depending on conclusion of discussion above