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Board Meeting

December 06 2010

Roll Call


  • Tom Callaway
  • Jared Smith
  • Jon Stanley
  • Rex Dieter
  • Jaroslav Reznik
  • Stephen Smoogen
  • Mo Duffy


  • Christopher Aillon


  • Joerg Simon (weather in Germany)
  • Toshio Kuratomi (dentist)

Assigned meeting secretary: Christopher Aillon
Actual meeting secretary: Tom Callaway


Updates Board business


  • New Board Members
    • Welcome to Jaroslav!
    • Joerg Simon absent today due to weather in Germany
    • Toshio Kuratomi absent today due to dentist appointment
  • Updated meeting schedule at
    • Cancel meeting that overlaps with FUDCon?
      • No, lets actually have it with a dial-in for folks not present
      • Also add item to FUDCon schedule
      • should setup public dial-in (maybe Fedora Talk???)
      • will be a public meeting
      • make sure meeting agenda doesn't have issues on it that we can't speak publicly about

Board Business

  • Advisory Board discussions
    • Spins SIG
    • I'd like to concentrate on discussing the SIG and spin governance
    • Target Audience

Definition from 2009:

We found four defining characteristics that we believe best describe the Fedora distribution's target audience: Someone who (1) is voluntarily switching to Linux, (2) is familiar with computers, but is not necessarily a hacker or developer, (3) is likely to collaborate in some fashion when something's wrong with Fedora, and (4) wants to use Fedora for general productivity, either using desktop applications or a Web browser.

      • (spot) We have defined one! Maybe we have done a poor job of sharing it.
      • (mo) Definitely lack of information
      • (Jon) Communication problems to blame?
      • (mo) Yes. Also, many people disliked it, and then promptly ignored it. Have not done much to actually use it, besides website.
      • (Jon) who will be responsible. willing to help, but cannot carry entire burden. needs to be merged from rel-eng
      • (spot) can hear rel-eng screaming from here
      • (Mo) this is inline with bruno's idea
      • (spot) What do people want?
      • (Jon) what about design spin?
      • (Mo) barely used, discovered it didn't have network stack.
      • (Jared) is there difference between spin and packageset?
      • (Jared) This is obvious from the Robitics SIG -- they don't know whether they want a spin or a package group or both -- and they're asking us to tell them
      • (Spot) Should we ask the Spins what it is they really want? (custom art, livecd, listed on website, package group in Anaconda)
      • (Jon) will reach out to current spin owners to get answers to that question
      • (Mo) year-old list:
      • (spot) may be possible to figure out owners by looking at commit history for kickstarts
      • (spot) Two questions regarding "default" spin? Do we want to have a default? Assuming we do, do we want that default to be the Gnome desktop?
      • (jsmith) We discussed a "Fedora Sampler" DVD on Friday. Should that be the "default" for media handed out at events?
      • (jsmith) Previous boards have already made that decision
      • (Jon) is there anyone who thinks GNOME should not be default
      • The board continues to stand behind GNOME as the default desktop experience.
      • (Mo) there may be better ways to accomplish what Spin SIGs want without actually using "spins"
      • (Mo & Jon) there are specific use-cases for live-images (see list here: under "Why use a spin?")


  • KDE (Rex, Jaroslav)
  • LXDE (Christoph?)
  • XFCE (Kevin F and Christoph Wickert)
  • Fedora Electronics Lab
  • Design Spin (Pierros)
  • Mobility Spin (Peter Robinson)
  • BROffice (going away w/ LibreOffice)
  • Games (Bruno Wolff)
  • Education (Sebastian)
  • Security (Joerg Simon)
  • Any other business?
    • Thanksgiving homework (3 goals from vision statement)

Other notes

  • Next meeting: December 13th