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Fedora Board Meeting

  • Meeting secretary: Toshio Kuratomi

Roll Call


Jared Smith David Nalley Peter Robinson Jon Stanley Rex Dieter Toshio Kuratomi Rudi Landmann

Not Present

Guillermo Gómez


Jaroslav Reznik Joerg Simon


Fedora 16 Schedule

  • Have a test compose out.
  • Hopefully won't have to slip anymore (already slipped two weeks)

Board Business

Discussion of Spins proposal

Vote 1: cwickert's proposal

  • jstanley -- don't want to set precedent about Board setting a team's internal workflow
    • jsmith -- cwickert specifically asked for Board "approval" and feedback

Decided that we'll vote on this as "we like" rather than "we approve". Spins wrangler/SIG has control over approval of their own workflow

  • Unanimously "liked" by the Board

Vote 2: whether to make the desktop/KDE spin go through the spin's process

  • Currently desktop and KDE do not go through process
  • Confusion about whether the kickstart is ready, wallpaper is what we intend, etc.
    • This would be a way to get a checklist of readiness into the process
  • Haven't seen much feedback from either design team or desktop team on list
  • Seems that Board is leaning towards approval as:
    • Fairness
    • Exercising the process will hopefully make sure the process works
    • Will hopefully keep some types of last minute readiness bugs out
  • jsmith will take this to the design team and desktop team mailing lists for feedback
    • Had taken to individuals on both teams and hadn't gotten feedback yet
    • notting was hesitant about this proposal (see fab list)

Discussion on a dedication for Dennis Ritchie

  • start.fp.o -- let's do it now
    • ask the websites team if they'd be willing to put something onto start.fp.o
    • also talk to translators about this
  • Release notes/Release announcement
    • In favor of doing this
    • translators if they're willing to do this
  • Release name
    • Seems like it involved a lot more work by different teams at a late date
    • Disenfranchises the people who voted for the name in the first place
  • #action jsmith to ask translators if they're okay with the two approved dedications

Elections Schedule

October 19-21: Announce election schedule, call for Town Hall volunteers
October 25-November 5th: Nominations open (nomination period closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on the 5th)
November 6-12: Organize town hall schedule
November 6-12: Candidates answer questions, send responses to Wrangler
November 12: Deadline for questionnaire responses from candidates
November 13-14: Wrangler presents questioinnaire answers, posts to wiki
November 15-22: Town Halls
November 21-22: Finalize online voting application
November 23-December 5:  Voting Period (voting period closes promptly at 23:59:59 on the 5th)
December 6: Announce results
  • Board agrees to this schedule

Any other business

Other Notes

  • Next Board meeting will be a public IRC meeting on Tuesday, October 25th at 16:00 UTC