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Roll Call

Spins Work

  • Background:
  • Each spin producing group does believe they can and should define a target audience
  • John: would it help clarify our message to refer to the live gnome desktop as the default offering rather than referring to it as a spin?
    • Paul: Spins were initially conceived as a range of things the community can produce that are alternatives to what we feel must be created, or add-ons that narrowly focus on special use cases
  • Matt: Rel-eng sits in the middle of the spin creation process right now -- a couple communication breakdowns have happened over time, sometimes spin producers didn't know their spin was being built
    • Matt: semi-OT -- at some point need to reconsider the question of who builds the spins. Does it always have to be Release Engineering?
    • Paul: more narrowly aimed spins (FEL, Games, ...) seem to nail their use cases quite well
  • Top of mind problem seems to be some dependency chains (system-config-keyboard), whether or not that is the most serious problem or not isn't clear
  • PAIN POINT IDENTIFIED: Dependency chain requirements cause alternate desktop spins to still pull in a large portion of the GNOME stack.
    • NEXT STEPS: Mike will file ticket with FESCo requesting they look at dependency chain requirements. This could be a Fedora Engineering Services task.
    • Colin willing to look at helping with dependency chain issues
    • TICKET':
  • NON PAIN POINT: Spins SIG does feel that resolution processes have been working well when they're needed.
  • Resources:
    • Infrastructure now has the ability to host additional content, including spins. This has been a long time incoming, and needs to be implemented and announced, but the capacity is there now.
    • Ambassadors who want to pass out specific spins can make requests for monetary resources to CommArch, to be evaluated in the scope of media requests and budget.
      • The Board is not taking a stance on what medias should be produced for any particular event.
  • Not sure what to do with feedback from survey work that showed that some people don't want the board to help or ask questions about how they can help

Next Steps & Positive Outcomes

  1. dependency chain requirements
  2. hosting space for Spins
    • Each spin should file a request for space with infrastructure
  3. (tentative) being able to offer AutoQA
    • individual Spins should get involved with QA Team to ensure their needs are addressed as well as those of the rest of the Project.
  4. banners on get.fp.o
  5. Update wiki pages for information collected

Default Offering

Topics and plan for next meeting

  • John/Chris will take up topic of "What is a target audience?"
  • Meet next week, 2010-03-08 at 20:00 UTC (3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST)