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Roll call

Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul

Last week


  • monthly Community Architecture status report created.
  • mail out a bunch of swag to folks.
  • deal with Netherlands stuff, prep for trip over there.
  • work on University Tour stuff with Jack.
  • get Fedora IT budget +1'd by Lee Congdon and Nick Otto.
  • Brand Fuel is making a bunch more swag for us.
  • Fedora EMEA ambassadors meeting.
  • FAMSCo meeting.


  • chatted with Alcatel about Fedora opportunities.
  • started discussion between Fedora board and wikia re: collaboration opportunities.
  • Fedora TV: conversation with folks from the Plumi project.
  • Set up date for BarCampRDU: Saturday August 2nd.
  • PTO end of week.


  • Dates, times, etc. for tour are confirmed.
  • Draft of speech complete, incorporating feedback.

This week


  • Find a place to live in Amsterdam :)


  • More FISL planning
  • Identifying internal RH engineering projects for stronger "communitizing" efforts


  • Some dates have been cancelled, so calendar needs to be updated
  • Blogging about University Tour preparations.
  • Closing with ThinkGeek for schwag
  • Getting flyer graphics from Mo
  • Tour starts next Monday at CMU!

Next meeting

  • expense updates