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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Harish Pillay

Last week


  • nominated Greg for Chairman's Award.
  • continued sorting out Netherlands stuff.
  • upgraded to Rawhide/Fedora 9 Beta.
  • News Council initial call.
  • update wiki, budget, etc.
  • chat with Tim Burke, Sondra Beeson, Paul Frields.
  • Michael's staff meeting.
  • FUDCon planning meeting.


  • University Tour -- CMU, Penn, Cornell, Syracuse

Budget (Max)

  • Expense reports need to be filed.

FY09 goals

  • Review our goals page, update, modify, delete as necessary.


Some goals for Harish's "20% time".

  • Conferences -- FUDCon as part of LCA or as an independent event?
  • Ambassadors in APAC. Benchmarking.
  • Problem -- it's like 5 or 6 mini-regions all in one. How do we tell which are best primed?
  • Warren and Japan?
  • Rahul and India?
  • Harish: only Rahul in India has ever received "official" community support. Australia and New Zealand are fairly well engaged. There are various countries that don't have RH offices that could use some support.

Goals for April

  • FUDCon APAC plan.
  • Inventory of our contacts throughout APAC.
  • APAC events on the events.
  • Begin thinking about an APAC ambassadors meetup.

This week


  • Intern contracts & Yaakov.
  • Netherlands stuff.
  • Fedora Ambassadors budget.


  • University Tour -- Rochester, BU, Northeastern, MIT