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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Harish Pillay, Jack Aboutboul

Last week


  • Budget update to the finance folks.
  • Chat with Greg and jrb about Fedora, Desktop, etc.
  • Internal to RH summary of F9.
  • Meet with the folks who run
  • Work on updating Fedora presentations for Ambassadors, etc.
  • Small amount of work on FUDCon Brno.


  • CSEET in Charleston.
  • FISL in Brazil.


  • University tour finishes.

University Tour (Jack)

  • Most promising leads at Syracuse, Carnegie Mellon, and Oregon State.
  • ACTION: Need to finalize the PR side of the University Tour with Kerrin (Tuesday).
  • ACTION: File all expense reports from University Tour (Tuesday or Wednesday).
  • ACTION: Update wiki and figure out next tasks (by end of week).

Fedora 9 (Max)

  • Paul Frields is in Raleigh this week, working with Max on various Fedora 9 GTM items.

FISL (Greg)

  • 7,000 people at FISL, they think maybe 10,000 next year.
  • Many governmental organizations. Mostly university kids and commmunity folks.
  • Fedora is very well liked. Debian is loved.
  • Brazilian audience is extremely focused on innovation and in doing things for themselves. Robots running Linux, etc.
  • Very technical audience, language barrier is the biggest problem.
  • Rodrigo Padula is definitely the Fedora community superstar down there.
  • The biggest problem that we've always had is getting money into Brazil, but once we do that, they take care of the rest.
  • ACTION: Trip report for Fedora community.
  • ACTION: Funding requirements for the month of May.

APAC (Harish)

  • Software Freedom Day as a target for community energy in APAC.
  • Red Hat Forum, new office, Jim in town, etc. Harish looking to plan other things from community perspective.
  • Use Singapore's Software Freedom Day planning as a template for the Fedora Ambassadors.

Next meeting

  • Budget!!!