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Roll call

Max Spevack, Jack Aboutboul, Paul Frields, Harish Pillay, Karsten Wade, Greg DeKoenigsberg

Last week and a half


  • 3 days PTO.
  • Arranged FUDCon Boston sponsorship for Ian Weller.
  • Working through the details of India community funding.
  • General FAMSCo stuff, especially Q2 planning.
  • Pretty much got the loop closed on interns, with Greg DeKoenigsberg also in on the loop and able to help out from RDU.
  • Getting the last of the Q1 money paid out worldwide.
  • Fedora CDs and DVDs are on target, and the bill will be invoiced/paid in Q1.
  • Friday - Sunday devoted entirely to packing, cleaning, moving, etc.
  • Ian Weller, Ricky Zhou, and Stephen Smoogen to FUDCon.
  • Dutch immigration, starting to get settled in my apartment, etc.
  • Various stuff with HR (interns & my own situation).


  • Super secret internal RH project
  • Reengaged with OLPC project, working on a release of Fedora/Sugar emulator
  • Finalizing intern from NCSSM and meeting their folks


  • Worked on finalizing OSCON details with Oreilly. We are now fully taken care of, should have BoF time/date soon.
  • Began working on LinuxWorld preparations.
  • Queried Ambassador list about common event preparations for checklist (no response).
  • Met with Jim and it went really well.
  • Started osie-list and invited people.
  • need to follow up big time and see why people havent accepted invites.
  • Attended LUG at Pace and spoke about Fedora 9.
  • Working on random odds and ends.


Open items for Q1:

  • The fuel surcharge + airport tax for Harish's FUDCon ticket.
  • The small payment suggested by Greg DeKoenigsberg and Mairin Duffy for RH Summit.

For both of these, we need to get expense reports filed and then transferred to the Community Architecture cost center.

Are there any other Q1 expenses, or are we now ready to close the books?

We are in excellent shape to come in under budget for Q1. Here is our current summary through May 21:

University tour $9,000 $8,980 $20
Fedora @ FISL $15,000 $14,995 $5
Fedora @ !LinuxTag $20,000 $17,600 $2,400
Global events & swag * $20,500 $17,665 $2,835
College scholarship $2,000 $2,000 $0
LWN subscription $1,000 $1,000 $0
= = =
Total $67,500 $62,240 $5,260

Global events & swag breakdown by region:

  • North America -- $4,350
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa -- $2,830
  • India, Asia, Australia -- $1,285
  • South America -- $1,000
  • Fedora 9 CDs and DVDs for FreeMedia and North America -- $8,200


The interns are all in good shape. Yaakov Nemoy and Casey Dahlin are all set. Andy is heading down to Raleigh for orientation. Greg is taking care of Taylor.

The HR stuff is more or less finished. Max Spevack will be keeping an eye on everything, with Greg DeKoenigsberg as his local-to-Raleigh helper.


We are one quarter in. Our team is growing, both in official and unofficial membership. Let's review our goals page, see where we stand, update things, and add anything else that we like.


We talked about FUDCon a little bit. Things are in decent shape from a money point of view, and the signs are all starting to come along also. PaulFrields has been working on the signage with Mairin Duffy and Kristin Nordstrom. Max Spevack continues to work on the money and sponsorship.

New business

1. Are we happy with the current meeting day and time? Should we change it?

What other new topics should we discuss?

This week


  • Continue getting settled in AMS.
  • Meeting with folks in Amersfoort office on Thursday.
  • finalize FUDCon Boston sponsorships.
  • ping Susie about Fedora Scholarship.
  • keep working on end-of-quarter budget issues.
  • prep my talks/speeches/TODOs for LinuxTag.


  • figure out booth for OSCON.
  • work on finalizing details of OSU meeting at OSCON time.
  • talk to Carlos ASAP.
  • finish LinuxWorld prep.
  • work on making event checklist a reality.
  • work out my details for fudcon/summit.
  • talk to Magento about giving people commit access.
  • follow up with Jim about stuff we spoke about.
  • make sure people accept invited to osie-list.
  • Email Karl Fogel about advisory panel stuff.
  • Follow up with CMU.