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Roll call

Max Spevack, Jack Aboutboul, Harish Pillay, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay, Mark Newton, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Karsten Wade, Rahul Sundaram


Chat with Mark Newton, the new head of

  • Allow better communications between users at
  • Right now, users have wiki, forums, mailing list. Old tools, old technologies.
  • A rather meandering discussion about differences btwn Fedora and
  • Solving the packaging difficulties that we face is important to Fedora. How important is it to JBoss?


Review our goals page, and update/modify for Q2.

  • Are the goals the right ones, correctly articulated?
  • Are we making progress?
  • Are the right people assigned to the right things?
  • What's new that needs to be added?
  • What's old that needs to be culled?

This week


  • LinuxTag trip report needs to be finished.
  • Travel and prep for EMEA marketing meetings in Berlin with mchen.
  • Websites, FAMSCo, and Fedora Weekly News.
  • Budget work, as always.
  • Need to really start getting on the ball for FUDCon Brno.
  • IMPORTANT -- I will continue to handle FUDCon from an expense point of view, but I don't have any time to do further assistance from a logistical point of view. All I can do now is pay bills and make sure we stay under budget.


  • Get in touch with Patrick Macdonald at JBoss, to have The Packaging Discussion.
  • Create hackfest @ FUDCon for this topic.

Last two weeks' achievements


  • Meeting with D-P van Leeuwen in Amersfoort.
  • Expense reports & budget stuff for the end of Q1.
  • LinuxTag preparations, and all of LinuxTag itself, including Fedora Ambassador Day.
    • Many meetings at LinuxTag, will be summarized in trip report.
  • Get FUDCon travel arranged and purchased.
  • Ping a school in The Hague about a presentation.
  • Submit talks to LUG Radio Live, FrOSCon, OpenExpo.
  • Lots of random email.
  • Meeting with mchen and gdk.