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Community Architecture Meeting :: Monday 2008-06-09

Roll call

Present: MaxSpevack, HarishPillay, GregDeKoenigsberg, KarstenWade

Absent: PaulWFrields (travel), JackAboutboul

FUDCon Boston

  • Greg is working on an ISV hackfest. Getting everything sorted out for ISVs to have packaging resources at FUDCon.


  • How do we stand on travel planning for OSCON? Let's set some deadlines, so we can also set budget?
  • Do we need to pay Boston University any money up front? What about FUDPub?

APAC and India ambassadors

  • What does our support structure look like?
  • Do we have accountability to lead meetings, coordinate events, etc.?
  • Does a pan-APAC meeting make sense?
    • Not really any Chinese, Japanese, or Korean folks in the meetings. Harish recommends a split into 3 or 4 different sub-meetings. Main challenge for Harish is to get help from Red Hat folks in those countries to help with the language barriers.

FUDCon Boston

  • What loose ends do we need to tie up?
  • Can we put together a "schedule" for Thursday and Friday and publish it?
  • IMPORTANT -- Max will continue to handle FUDCon from an expense point of view, but I don't really have any time to do further assistance from a logistical point of view. All I can do now is pay bills and make sure we stay under budget.

F9 Media

  • Let's generate a complete list of problems. How can we make our complaints heard while still being nice?
  • What is the cost/benefit of complaining? Though Double Data doesn't know it yet, this is the last time we'll use them anyway. Future media will be made in Boston area, with Paul and Mo in charge.
  • Decide our course of action -- Max and Greg


Continue reviewing our goals page, and update/modify for Q2.

Last week, we made it through the first two big topics -- expand university community & strengthen global community.

  • Are the goals the right ones, correctly articulated?
  • Are we making progress?
  • Are the right people assigned to the right things?
  • What's new that needs to be added?
  • What's old that needs to be culled?

This week


  • Movers come on Monday.
  • Travel to Munich on Tuesday.
  • EMEA marketing meetings Wed - Fri.
  • Return to Amsterdam Friday night.
  • Need to really start getting on the ball for FUDCon Czech Republic.