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Roll call

Max, Greg, Paul, Karsten, Jack, Harish


  • Takeaways from mrc phone call.
  • Plans and expectations for virtual team meeting in Raleigh.
  • If Community strategy > just Fedora (and he agrees), then what is optimal investment strategy across Red Hat?
  • "Two things that will change Red Hat" (team & individual)


  • Meeting later today, don't anticipate any problems.
  • ESSENTIAL that we not go over our budget, especially with new eyes looking at us, and our books. The biggest worry is always our travel costs, and our tendency to wait until the last minute to book things. That said...


  • Where are we? Agenda, travel bookings, etc.?
  • Greg, Jack, Chris Tyler, Mark Howson all needed in planning meeting.
    • Chris Tyler and info on what he has planned, where we should focus.
    • Talks that Greg & Paul are giving.
    • Brain dump from Mark Howson about his team's involvement.
    • Specific strategy about goals for the conference, and metrics.
    • Press strategy


  • New VP of engineering has been hired. Push from the top to make sure the OLPC is shipping with something other than Sugar for the next G1G1. The "something" we are working on is Fedora.
    • Project underway to ship Fedora on the XO, potentially on a SD card that gets plugged into the XO.
    • Greg working on what Fedora testing on XO will look like.
  • Trying to get Sugar ready for F10.
  • Lots of educators who are interested in participating in OLPC.

Add your topics here

  • Jack going to MIT on October 6th to talk about Fedora community.
  • Trademark guidelines still being reviewed by legal.
    • Artwork mockups?
  • Fedora docs lacking old hands/mentors. On track for F10 deadlines and release.
    • Need to capitalize on opportunity represented by new students coming in.