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Community Architecture Meeting :: Monday 2008-12-01

Roll call

MaxSpevack, Jim Gleason, GregDeKoenigsberg, MichaelTiemann, KarstenWade, JackAboutboul, Moshe Bar, Jan Wildeboer, David Simmons, HarishPillay


  • Jim Gleason and Moshe Bar joined us to discuss Qumranet community.
    • KVM and spice (remote virtualization protocol). Advantages of KVM versus other technologies. SMP support, ACPI abstraction, etc. These people won't move to KVM quite yet. Getting the community involved to address these kinds of issues. Jim asks "are there enough developers in the community around KVM? What do people talk about at the KVM forum? Mailing lists, forum, etc." KVM Forum is an event -- 50 - 70 attendees past two years.
    • Something that made KVM more successful than Xen is usability. With KVM, you just load a new kernel module and a few drivers and you're off and running. People understand the architecture of KVM much better, it just looks like a normal process. Architecture of KVM is also far more friendly toward upstream integration than KVM is. KVM is just a kernel module, so the architecture is just so much friendlier to open source, and integration into the vanilla kernel.
    • Desire to continue growing users around KVM. Creating a build of Fedora Live CD that is the Fedora Live KVM CD, you have a complete testing platform?
    • First enable users around the non-critical-path tasks. Articulate a challenge to a knowledgeable user base. High overlap between user & potential contributor.
    • Find someone to wander in as a newbie who can serve as a pathfinder.

Action items:

  • Jack will set up a conference call with some of the other KVM engineers to identify low-hanging community fruit.
  • Jack will contact folks about KVM discussion & hackfest at FUDCon Boston.

If there is time after Jim and Moshe leave:

  • Rebuild document status (or feedback discussion, if we have any from mrc).
  • FY10 goals discussion.