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Community Architecture Meeting :: Monday 2009-01-05

Roll call



FUDCon Boston:

  • Waiting on reimbursement info from the two OLPC guys. Can Greg ping them?
  • Would like at least 2 substantial blog posts each from Greg, Jack, & Karsten.
  • Docs plan? (Karsten)
    • How was the holiday docs hackfest?
  • Marketing plan? (Jack)
  • OLPC plan? (Greg)

Global events & swag:

  • Want to spend $3k USD on swag for APAC. Need guidance from Harish.
  • Max to work with Sankarshan on FAD India plans.
  • OSCON (Jul 20-24) planning and CFP. (???)
  • Is anyone attending the NA Ambassadors meetings on IRC?


  • Would like to see a one-page summary of the proposed Qumranet/CommArch activities for completeness and for mrc. Can Jack provide that this week?

Goal planning update. (Max)

2009 resolutions:

  • Expense reports within 10 days of the expense. (All)
  • All quarterly expenses in by 15th of final month in the quarter. (All)
  • Blogging -- 50 posts in 2009/FY10. (All)
  • Use daily statuses to produce team reports for mrc. (Max)
  • Be more disciplined about getting meeting action items done each week. (All)

Package reviewer reward. (Paul)

Open discussion. (All)