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Community Architecture Meeting :: Monday 2009-01-13

Roll call



FUDCon debriefing:

  • Karsten
  • Greg
  • Jack
  • Jim
  • Expense reports and trip reports.
  • Each person's top one or two action items out of FUDCon?

Global events & swag:

  • Planning started on FADs for India.
  • Still need to figure out Q4 money for Harish and Rodrigo.

Last week's action items:

  • MAX -- Get FAD India planning started.
  • JACK -- Qumranet one-pager.
  • KARSTEN -- CMS & Docs plans for FUDCon.


  • Max will be writing status report for mrc this week from daily updates and FUDCon reports.
  • Open discussion.