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Community Architecture Meeting :: Tuesday 2009-01-13

Roll call

MaxSpevack, KarstenWade, GregDeKoenigsberg


FUDCon debriefing:

  • Karsten
    • Ambitious goals (pick a CMS by Sunday). Ultimately the decision made was that what matters most is the team of people who will support it. Reach out via fedora-devel-list and fedora-list to find a team of people who are willing to deploy and maintain.
    • Not all the process docs were organized or categorized. Try to create document teams. Only major document with no owner is the release notes.
  • Greg
    • OLPC staff reductions aftermath. Main work that needs to be done now is "since there is no OLPC engineering team, there is no OLPC engineering roadmap, so it falls on Fedora & Sugar Labs." Fedora as the platform, and Sugar as the desktop.
    • Packaging activities session. Different purposes. Kid-editable and kid-shareable, which is userspace. RPM is in system space.
  • Jack
  • Jim Gleason
  • Expense reports and trip reports.
  • Each person's top one or two action items out of FUDCon?

Global events & swag:

  • Planning started on FADs for India.
  • Still need to figure out Q4 money for Harish and Rodrigo.


  • Max will be writing status report for mrc this week from daily updates and FUDCon reports.
  • Open discussion.

Last week's action items:

  • Max -- Get FAD India planning started.
  • Karsten -- CMS & Docs plans for FUDCon.
  • Jack -- Qumranet one-pager.

This week's action items


  • Based on current work and current draft of goals, start figuring out what Feb - May look like? At some point, you will be asked to write it down.


  • FUDCon blogging.
  • Qumranet one-pager (carry-over from last week).
  • Chat 1:1 w/ Max for FUDCon debrief.


  • Reach out via fedora-devel-list and fedora-list to find a team of people who are willing to deploy and maintain. What if no one steps up?
  • Who are the two most likely people who can take over docs ASAP, with Karsten hand-holding behind the scenes? ID them and talk to them.


  • FUDCon blogging.
  • Get a meeting with Mike Evans & Max to talk about OLPC.
  • OLPC plan pre-March 1 and FY10 Q1 based on above meeting.


  • FAD stuff w/ Sankarshan.
  • APAC budget stuff with Harish.
  • Plan for RDU trip and various meetings and FY10 stuff.
  • Lots of FAMSCo budget stuff.

Open issues

  • Release notes document has no official owner.
  • Future community leader for Fedora docs?