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Community Architecture Meeting :: Monday 2009-01-13

Roll call




  • Jack's FUDCon debriefing.
  • Jim Gleason's FUDCon debriefing (optional)


  • Meeting today?

Global events & swag

  • Planning started on FADs for India.
  • Still need to figure out Q4 money for Harish and Rodrigo.

Manager stuff

  • Expense reports.
  • Next week.

Open action items


  • Qumranet one-pager and next steps.
  • Fedora marketing needs to move faster.


  • Reach out via fedora-devel-list and fedora-list to find a team of people who are willing to deploy and maintain. What if no one steps up?
  • Who are the two most likely people who can take over docs ASAP, with Karsten hand-holding behind the scenes? ID them and talk to them.
  • Release notes has no official owner.
  • Future community leader for Fedora docs?
  • Circle back w/ Jan about JBoss stuff (he sent email out before the holidays)


  • Get a meeting with Mike Evans & Max to talk about OLPC.


  • APAC budget stuff with Harish.
  • Keep pressure on Sankarshan & Rahul about FAD.
  • Plan for RDU trip and various meetings and FY10 stuff.
  • Blogging about weekend's meetings.


  • Based on current work and current draft of goals, start figuring out what Feb - May look like? At some point, you will be asked to write it down.